First it was covid lockdowns, next it’ll be “climate change lockdowns”


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

The covid plandemic might be over, but that does not mean the globalists are done persecuting us under their relentless tyranny.

The next phase of their global police state involves another round of lockdowns for “climate change,” according to journalist Jack Posobiec.

A Pandemic Panic Theater 2.0 event, to quote Newspunch, is on the agenda for implementation soon. We, too, warned about this back in April.


It turns out that the Fauci Flu, a completely contrived idea, was simply the dress rehearsal for a soon-to-arrive main event. Once the restrainer is removed, all hell is going to break loose at a scale never before seen in human history.

“As Posobiec and many of us have been saying for months, the dress rehearsal of Covid-19 was to set us up for the all-encompassing manufactured agenda surrounding climate change,” one report explains.

“This has been the goal of globalists at the World Economic Forum, Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and similar groups for decades. They’ve worked tirelessly to recruit and indoctrinate the masses to not only comply but to participate in efforts to make climate change the universal factor in every decision made by governments, corporations, and citizens.”

Video footage of Posobiec speaking about all this and more can be viewed below:

Just like the World Trade Center, the old world order has to fall in its own footprint to make way for the new

By all appearances, the global warming / climate change narrative has always been the endgame for our current reality. It was hatched up decades ago to excuse away what the globalists have planned.

They manufactured a fake crisis about melting ice caps and sea levels rising to initiate the public into the new “sustainability” paradigm. And when the time is right, there will be a transition into the new world they have been gradually unveiling.

“Climate change hysteria is an existential threat,” writes Sean Adl-Tabatabai for Newspunch.

“The globalist elites are using it as the ultimate control factor, the skeleton key that can unlock every door necessary to exact totalitarianism over the masses. And many will comply willingly, even gleefully.”

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