European Union Wants Mandatory Energy Rationing to “flatten the curve”


by Mike Campbell, Activist Post:

“During peak demand, the expensive gas comes into the market. So, what we have to do is flatten the curve to avoid the peak demands,” EU president Ursula von der Leyen said. “We will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours, and we will work very closely with the member states to achieve this.”

“These are tough times, and they’re not over soon, but I am convinced that Europeans have the economic strength, the political will and unity to keep the upper hand.”


Von der Leyen used the infamous COVID expression “flatten the curve” when describing how to tackle energy challenges created by Russian manipulation, climate change and insufficient nuclear energy.

“Smart-saving of electricity” will be implemented right away to limit the amount of electricity people can use during peak hours. It’s anyone’s guess how long these measures will be in place, but Shell predicted that gas shortages for Europeans will continue for years to come.

Some citizens in European countries have already started cutting back as energy prices explode. For example, stores in Italy are resorting to turning off their lights and opting for candlelight due to the massive increase in energy bills. Some Italian stores removed food items that require cold storage because it costs too much to power refrigerators.

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