European Union President Proposes Cutting Off Electricity to Consumers to ‘Flatten the Curve’


by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, is calling for Europeans to be cut off from electricity in order to “flatten the curve,” in a call-back to the propaganda used to destroy and demoralize populations during the COVID pandemic.

“We see there’s a global scarcity of energy. So whatever we do, one thing is for sure, we have to save electricity, but we have to save it in a smart way,” she said.

“So what we have to do is flatten the curve and avoid the peak demands,” Leyen added. “We will propose a mandatory target for reducing electricity use at peak hours. And we will work very closely with the member states to achieve this.”


Her words can be seen here:

According to reporting from Bloomberg News, the EU proposal would impose “a cap on the price of power for generators that don’t use gas could be set at 200 euros ($198.07) per megawatt hour.”

Big League Politics has reported on the EU’s central planning in order to ration energy after their policies have failed abysmally and are hurting millions of Europeans:

Earlier this week, Hungary rejected the EU’s move to reduce gas consumption in light of Russia’s decision to significantly cut gas exports to EU members.

“This is an unjustifiable, useless, unenforceable, and harmful proposal,” Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on July 26, 2022.

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