Delaware Judge Rules Democrats’ Vote-by-Mail is Unconstitutional, Prohibited in November


from 21st Century Wire:

In 2020, the US headed into uncharted territory during the supposed Covid ‘pandemic’, with a record number of Americans having voted by mail.

The reason mail-in voting was pushed so aggressively was because Democratic Party official insisted that due to the alleged presence of a novel coronavirus, that it simply wasn’t safe to vote in-person. Such was the fearmongering by Democrats, that U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said at the time that she wanted to ‘virus-proof’ the 2020 election by including funding and resources to boost voting by mail. The result of this unprecedented election experiment was seen by many as catastrophic, with multiple independent investigations detailing the intricate fraud practices in key swing states – such as ballot harvesting – being perpetrated by activists and paid party operatives.


As the public gradually becomes aware to the potential for election fraud posed by universal unsolicited ballots, state legislatures and courts are beginning to push back against this highly problematic Democratic Party election tactic…

Joseph MacKinnon
 from The Blaze reports…

After failing to secure Republican support to alter Delaware’s Constitution to codify mail-in voting rights, Democrat lawmakers in the state passed a bill on June 22, enabling registered voters to request a mail-in ballot before the election without an excuse. It was signed into law by Democrat Gov. John Carney on July 22.

On Wednesday, Vice Chancellor Nathan Cook of the Delaware Court of Chancery ruled SB 320 unconstitutional. Although in the November general election, those who cannot make it to the polls can still request an absentee ballot and same-day registration is still allowed, mail-in voting will be prohibited.

The statute that permitted vote-by-mail in 2020 expired January 2021. With the now stricken law, Democrats sought to extend and enshrine mail-in voting beyond the pandemic-era statute first ushered in with Carney’s declaration of a state of emergency.

The constitutionality of the law was thought questionable even by some Democrats ahead of its passing.

(…) On July 22, Brady, formerly Delaware’s attorney general, stated “The Constitution provides you must vote in person on election day unless you qualify under very limited conditions to vote absentee.” Mail-in voting, she said, “violates that requirement, as it allows voting without declaring or meeting any of those limited conditions.”

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