Biden’s Reichstag Fire


    by Edward R. Zuckerbrod, American Thinker:

    I’ve always detested people who make facile comparisons of anything that goes on in the U.S. to the manifold horrors of Nazi Germany. The freedoms and privileges we’ve enjoyed in this extraordinary nation made even the worst problems we’ve experienced pale in comparison to the brutality and death perpetrated by the Third Reich. To my mind, drawing parallels between them is a cheap, insulting, and wholly illegitimate way of gaining quick attention.

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    However, the MAGA+FASCIST= JANUARY 6th phony equation now emanating from Joe Biden and his party — even going to the obscene length of enlisting the recent solemn remembrance of the 9/11 nightmare — oblige me to ask the reader’s indulgence while I tread upon my own rule.

    The Dems comparisons of January 6th to 9/11 would be merely preposterous if it were not so morally disgusting; their strained attempts to make the D.C. riot of January 6, 2021 and the resulting trespasses upon the Capitol building into a seminal, earth-shaking event require them to take mendacity to new depths.

    In fact, there is an historical event that’s somewhat closer to the mark, but it’s one that every Democrat would be loath to recognize: for purely naked political purposes Biden and many Democrats are trying to make January 6th into some poor facsimile of the Reichstag Fire.

    On February 27, 1933, not quite a full month after Adolf Hitler was “legally” appointed Chancellor of Germany, the huge Reichstag building, home to the nation’s parliament, burned to the ground. While it’s never been proved conclusively, it’s strongly suspected that the Nazis themselves arranged the fire (Herman Goering in particular is thought to have been complicit) in order to create a crisis that would allow Hitler to justify a further and more complete seizure of power. German communists seeking to also ignite a coup were to blame for the fire according to the Nazis, and Hitler came down upon them like a ton of bricks. Ironically though, it was not a German, but a young Dutch communist, Marinus van der Lubbe, who was quickly apprehended, convicted and executed for the crime. His actual guilt has always been a matter of controversy, and Germany’s modern-day government saw fit to issue him a posthumous pardon.

    Taking full advantage of the shock the fire caused upon the sensibilities of ordinary, order-loving Germans, emergency decrees were quickly issued by the Hitler and his cabinet. In March the resituated parliament, bullied and intimidated by the Nazis, passed the notorious Enabling Act, rubber-stamping the suspension of the right of assembly, press freedom, and the ability to protest; effectively obliterating the Weimar Republic and clearing the way for absolute dictatorship.

    Hastily built concentration camps were soon filled with German communists, along with other undesirables and perceived enemies of the Reich. We all know the succeeding chapters to that terrible story.

    While we can rejoice in the fact that such extreme measures are presently unthinkable in America, Joe Biden, whether by his own design or adhering to a script fashioned by sharper minds, has chosen to employ the autocrat’s tactic of marginalization of large segments of the American population; an action which, as history shown again and again, can be the first step in a tragic spiral of violence and destruction.

    Furiously attempting to defend their disastrous energy, spending and border blunders threatening genuine economic hardship in the coming months, Biden and his handlers now deem it no longer sufficient to address critics as mere political opponents. Desperately seeking to avoid a Democrat wipeout in November, Biden’s extreme language and almost hysterical mien betray his dire need for dangerous enemies; imagined swarms preparing to storm the gates of American democracy. Believe what Biden is peddling and he’s facing a dilemma worse than Lincoln’s in 1860. After all, the Confederates only wanted to go their own way; these “Maga-Fascists” seek to blow up Washington itself, and nearly did on January 6th!

    Make no mistake: you needn’t be a red-hatted, wildly cheering rally attendee driving around with Trump flags hanging from your pick-up to appear in Joe Biden’s black book. He’s purposefully made his lines of demarcation unclear, so it’s reasonable to assume that even people whose only offense was marking that little oval next to the name “Trump” are nevertheless suspected of being potential recruits to the insurrectionist battalions that Joe pictures forming up for battle.

    He’s proven to be a lying, mean-spirited wannabe tyrant; but one lacking in the oratorical skills or charisma necessary to persuade other than blind ideologues or lying opportunists to his side.

    But awkward and inept as he may appear, Biden has succeeded in being not just incompetent, but also terrifying. He’s clearly been prodded over a line in American politics that other, more sentient leaders respected. Almost all presidents, responding to the exigencies of practical politics, are obliged at times to attack — sometimes ferociously — opponents whom they see as doing harm to the nation’s interests. Donald Trump was certainly not shy in that respect.

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