Will The Left’s Corrupting Your Children Finally Make Violence An Acceptable Response?


    by Chad Miller, DC Clothesline:

    As this war for our nation rages across multiple fronts, the battle for the hearts, minds and souls of our children intensifies. The despotic autocrats aligned on the Left that embrace the wholesale slaughter of the unborn right up until the moment of their birth have opened their dungeons and loosed their LGBTQ gestapo of orcs and goblins upon your children en masse throughout our public education system and public libraries, with the much publicized backing of the Biden administration to lend its full weight and support to their deviant cause. Not that this is a recent development. Planned Parenthood has been engaging in and overseeing this insidious program in our schools for well over a decade.

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    Planned Parenthood, Hooking YOUR Kids On Sex:

    You would all do well to remember that we’re contending against the malice of those who had absolutely no problem condemning thousands of seniors to death during the Covid Plannedemic. But as if that weren’t enough, now we have sinister agents claiming that toddlers as young as 2 years old can self-identify as trans gender, demanding nurseries need to begin teaching them “gender identity”….

    State-Sponsored Stonewall: Children Aged Two Can Be Trans, Nurseries Should Teach ‘Gender Identity’

    The far-left, state-funded Stonewall organisation says children as young as two can be trans and gender identity should be taught in nursery schools.

    This week, an unnamed mother penned an article in the Metro newspaper about her allegedly “gender nonconforming” four-year-old daughter and how her nursery school failed to “respect” her supposed transgender identity.

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