The Globalists Efforts To Starve Americans To Death Are Accelerating As The Manufactured Food Shortages, Along With The Anti-Meat And Farming Destruction Insure Massive Human Die-Off


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While Americans are struggling to survive with record high gas prices and spiking food costs, and the nation now officially in a recession, it seems awfully “coincidental” that democrats and leftist groups are declaring our meat consumption to be problematic because….. “climate change”….. as hits on our food supply chain are coming from every direction.

A simple search for climate change and meat and article after article after article comes up, showing that conflating eating meat with climate change has been the practice of the media and other groups, for years.


They obviously believe that is you repeat something often enough, it becomes true.


Make no mistake, their endgame is twofold, reduce the population by starving us, and maintain full control of those who are left.

Those topics and more are discussed below.







Despite denials from the Biden administration, the MSM acting as the propaganda arm of the Democrats attempting to redefine what a recession is, and rabid liberals online (and off) denying it, As of the latest release of data, the GDP has now fallen for two consecutive quarters, which is the literal definition of a “recession.”

The Washington Examiner, in a piece titled “Bidenflation has become Bidencession,” they highlight the continuously changing narrative from the MSM and the Biden regime:


They said inflation was temporary. Then they said it was transitory. Now, they are saying the economy is in “anything but” a recession. But it became official on Thursday: Bidenflation has plunged the nation into a Bidencession that began in January and continues today.


The leftist website Wikipedia actually changed the meaning of the word recession, after it was announced that the GDP was down again for a second quarter, and then  suspend the ability for the page to be edited.

The Babylon Bee, a satire website that hits so close to home inasmuch as their “satire” can actually be believed, enough so that fact checkers have often done fact checks on their pieces, which again, are SATIRE and labeled as such, created a handy little flowchart.


The amount of twists and turns and mental gymnastics of so-called “journalists,” and democrat politicians, as well as the radically liberal online social media crowd, is enough to prove the coordination and collusion between the Biden regime and the MSM.

If the official start of the “Bidencession” wasn’t enough to make them scramble madly to deny what is right there in front of their faces, heads could figuratively be heard popping after President Trump declared this could be worse than a recession and would likely become a “depression.”


 The former president singled out the collapse in Americans’ real wages, a historically depressed labor force participation rate, and the Democrat push for the Green New Deal that he said would crush economic growth.

“Not recession. Recession’s a nice word. We’re going to have a much bigger problem than recession. We’ll have a depression,” the former president said. 


Smart Asset on June 22, 2022, well before the latest figures were released showing America in a recession, offers the differences between a recession and a depression. Since it was published before the recent numbers were released, they used the correct definition of recession.

• Recession. A recession happens when the economy’s inflation-adjusted GDP has declined for two or more consecutive quarters. Although this is the generally accepted definition, any serious downturn in the economy of more than a few months counts as a recession.

• Depression. A recession can turn into a depression if it lasts longer than normal or is unexpectedly severe. Although there isn’t a technical definition for a depression, it’s essentially a sustained recession that is very difficult for the economy to recover from. You’ve likely heard of the Great Depression and the Great Recession. While both impacted the economy in negative ways, the Great Depression lasted for 10 years. That’s seven times longer than the 18 months of the Great Recession. A depression is usually considered more severe.

The point here is that despite all denials by those trying to protect democrats from the reality of an official recession just months before the 2022 midterm elections, America’s economic circumstances are dire and looking like they are going to get much worse.

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