The coming Civil War


    by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

    COMMENT: There has been and is increasing talk in all media of a coming ‘civil war’. Your article ‘Bidenomics & Vilification of Trump’ well explains the intentional polarization of the public and clearly states this will only end very badly.

    The CW of 1861 Blue vs Grey, North vs South was a war of geography – of brother vs brother if one lived in a Blue state and the other in a Grey state. Armies were formed and deployed based on geography as much as ideology.

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    Now we have talk of a civil war between ‘patriots’ DJT supporters versus I guess the rest of everyone else, or so it is threatened to be by the media pundents and alarmists. But Martin, this smells like a classic psychological operation employing all of the media and a tiny element of probably paid for) violent extremists who like to dress in all black.
    But how many Karen and Kens (Ds) are there that would actually take up arms because they don’t like Trump? How many because they love their electric cars? Will they begin shooting neighbors because of global warming?

    The D politicians have never been able to provide any positive based reasons why they should be elected – only that they are anti-opponent – that might get a few votes but will not create an army. Your neighbor may be a liberal voter but is he armed and ready to start killing for these reasons? I think not.

    Except for the DS/WEF/Globalists gang and probably a number of their armed 3 letter agencies. They control the media, have the jails, and the domestic physical enforcement personnel. They can use the media to try and create chaos, to cause false flag events in their favor, and shape public thought, and intern “create a media based CW”. A Wag The Dog CW.

    They are the opposition – the enemy – the real danger. Do their combined numbers who could and actually would take up arms against the pubic even come to 1% of the nation? I doubt it.
    Have a CW against this 1% and you could call it “the most civilized war a civilized society could possibly have”. IMO, this should be done by the professionals as soon as yesterday. Gitmo and military justice for treason.


    REPLY: History whispers to us from the past because the one thing that is constant has always been Human nature. It really does not matter whatever the issue might be. Perhaps the most dominant reason has often been religion. Nero used that to blame the Christians for burning down Rome. The Diocletianic or Great Persecution was the last and most severe persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. This again was not out of personal hatred of Christians. This was after the Monetary collapse of Rome during the 260-268AD time frame. Diocletian (284-305AD)  persecuted the Christians because the general belief was that the gods were causing Rome to collapse BECAUSE of the Christians who were disrespecting the gods.

    There was another religion rising known as the Manicheans. Diocletian issued an edict in 302AD against them as well for the very same reason – they were offending the gods who were punishing Rome. They were founded in the Persian Empire known as the Sassanid Empire and were followers of the prophet Mani (216-c.276). This became another widespread religion that infiltrated Rome, India, and China. It was based on a dualistic theology in which the theory was that the universe was divided between the divine plane of light and our own material plane of darkness. The Father of Greatness was not omnipotent, but he ruled the realm of light. Its opposite, the material realm, was controlled by the King of Darkness. These two forces did battle on both a cosmic and a personal level. Thus, within each individual soul, there was a battle. Manichaeism was clearly influenced by several other religions including Buddhism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism.

    So, no matter where we look in history, there is this eternal conflict between two ideas – left v right. The media is fueling the hatred of Trump and as we can see the new strategy is to hate Republicans for the November election when Trump is not running. But they are portraying him as evil and he now controls all Republicans so you better vote Democrat. That is the message being sent out all over.

    Here is a coin of Postumus who led the separation of Spain, France, and Britain to exist the Roman Empire. First, he was not trying to be another general who conquered Rome. He was pushing for separation and his coinage declare that he was “restoring” the region to sanity and safety. This is the most likely way we will see the United States split as is the case in Europe which will probably precede. I do not see armed armies leading the charge, nor do I see your neighbor picking up a gun and storming your house because you are the evil opposition. They will probably not speak to you and that is how it will begin.

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