‘Shocking escalation’: Attorney general told to produce ‘all documents’ on Trump raid


    from WND:

    ‘People deserve answers’ for Biden’s misuse of DOJ against ‘political opponents’

    The Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have written to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI chief Christopher Wray and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain telling them to produce all of the documents used to assemble the FBI’s raid on President Donald Trump’s residence in Florida.

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    The letter to Garland, whose department also has been involved in a scheme to persecute parents who object to their local school boards’ anti-parent agendas, explains simply:

    “The American people deserve answers for the Biden administration’s continued misuse of law-enforcement resources against political opponents.”

    The letter asks for production of “all documents and communications referring or relating to the execution of a search warrant on President Trump’s residence,” “referring or relating to the decision to seek a search warrant,” regarding the “use of confidential human sources(s)” regarding the search, “communications between or among the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the Executive Office of the President” about the raid, and more.

    The letter explained, “The FBI’s unprecedented raid of President Trump’s residence is a shocking escalation of the Biden administration’s weaponization of law-enforcement resources.”

    “The American people deserve transparency and accountability from our most senior law-enforcement officials …. We will settle for nothing but your complete cooperation.”

    The FBI launched its raid on Trump’s home last week, purportedly hunting for various documents. One report even widely claimed the papers concerned nuclear weapons.

    Supporters of President Trump, however, consider it nothing other than the Democrats’ fourth attempt at removing him from office or discouraging him from running in 2024.

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi already orchestrated two failed attempts, including one after he’d already finished his term, to remove him from office. Then there is her partisan Jan. 6 committee assigned to “investigate” Jan. 6, whose members have refused to allow testimony other than that which would damage Trump.

    The FBI raid is viewed by them as the fourth attempt to do the same thing.

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