Largest Price Increase EVER For Cereal, Fruits, Veggies, And Soups Has Already Occurred And Prices Are Still Rising – One Chart Shows How Dire Food Inflation Has Become As It Worsens Daily


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

While the national media continues to gaslight Americans about how great the economy is doing, despite being in a recession, Americans just ‘can’t see’ it they claim, all the while those same Americans are seeing their grocery bills continue to rise, are being forced to eat more chicken in place of beef because they cannot afford beef as often, all the while spending approximately $4 a gallon for gas to commute to work, or shop, or travel anywhere, the disconnect between the media propaganda and reality for millions of Americans continues to increase.


Oh, and about those gas prices, the Biden regime, with the help of the national media, are busy touting how the prices have decreased, yet ignore the fact that prices are still 23% higher than last year.


The national average this time last year was $3.18, over 23% cheaper, according to the AAA. Demand for oil remained low but was slowly rebounding, which the AAA noted might cause the drop in prices to slow or halt.

Prices have remained high in California and Hawaii, where gas is still $5.56 and $5.43 respectively, the highest in the nation, the AAA reports. The lowest prices were in South Carolina and Texas, where gas has fallen to $3.71 and $3.69 respectively, meaning the national average was still almost 15% cheaper at the same time last year than even the cheapest states today.


The Biden regime, again propped up by the MSM, claims there is no recession despite having entered into a phase which is literally defined as a recession, yet Americans aren’t buying it, as shown below:



No matter how many times the media repeat the same tired lies to protect the Biden regime, Americans see the truth, by the total when they fill up their gas tanks, the grocery bill at the checkout line, in many cases paying more and yet having less to put on the table, or having to adjust their eating habits.

Here is an link to a CNN business article that negates what their opinion pundits, cable news shows, and the rest of the national media have been telling Americans about how the economy is doing just fine and dandy.

The headline: Steak’s off the table: Inflation-weary shoppers are switching to chicken

Tyson is not the only company to note shifts in shoppers’ purchasing habits. Consumers are dealing with the highest inflation in more than 40 years and many are making trade-offs.

Kroger (KR) said in June that that budget-constrained shoppers were buying fewer items in stores, favoring Kroger’s cheaper store brands instead of name brands, and switching from buying beef to pork.

Walmart (WMT) in May said some consumers were switching from buying gallons of milk to half-gallons and switching from name-brand lunch and deli meat, bacon and dairy products to store brands.

Treehouse Foods (THS), a leading manufacturer of store brands for Walmart and other retailers, also said Monday that private labels were becoming a more appealing option for shoppers squeezed by inflation.

The New York Times ( link here) details how “eating out” has become so much more expensive, without really acknowledging that each of the issues discussed, except the labor costs, are also effecting everyday Americans.

Below is a chart to make the point:

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