Jeffrey Epstein’s Close Business Associate Found Dead in His Apartment – Reports


from Sputnik News:

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Steven Hoffenberg, a close business associate of deceased Jeffrey Epstein has been found dead and decomposing in his Connecticut apartment, Daily Mail reported.

Connecticut’s Derby Police was called yesterday to Hoffenberg’s house by a “concerned” friend. The Dispatched officers found 77 years old man lying on the floor in a state of advanced decomposition, the report said.


Law enforcement believes that considering Hoffenberg’s decomposition, he may have been dead for at least a week, the report added.

Although confident the body found is Hoffenberg’s, medical examiners are using his dental records to properly identify him, the report said, adding that no trauma has been detected on him.

A final report on his death will be shared in the coming days through Derby’s police Facebook page, the report continued.

Hoffenberg founded Towers Financial Corporation, a debt collection agency which was later revealed to be a Ponzi scheme in which he defrauded $420 million from his investors. Epstein, his associate and friend, was never charged for his involvement with Tower Financial. In 2019, Hoffenberg claimed Epstein was a “co-conspirator” in the scheme.

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