Dismantle The ‘American Stasi’ – The FBI Has Become The Single Most Dangerous Group To The American Constitutional Republic And Must Be Abolished


    by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

    After Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz conducted his investigation into the FBI and found a litany of missteps and illegalities, with “17 serious omissions, inaccuracies and failures involving the FBI’s conduct in the Russia collusion investigation and its pursuit of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant targeting the Trump campaign, flagged, there should have been a complete overhaul at the FBI.

    ‘With many of the bad actors, those having lied to a FISA court, deliberately omitted information in order to gain a FISA warrant for surveillance, failed to correct the false information in the original FISA request in order to garner another one, terminated, took early retirement and/or became subjects of investigations themselves, the “changes” at the FBI and their procedures were negligible.

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    The main investigator Peter Strzok, and FBI attorney Lisa Page’s text messages during their affair showing not just extreme political bias, but strategic discussions on how to prevent Donald Trump from obtaining the presidency. Then when that failed the continued to directly target him for years with false allegations, reports, investigations, leaks to the media, and more.

    A look at the list of top 60 failures, scandals and outright election interference by the FBI, going back to 1964, we see the FBI has long considered themselves “above the law,” and have acted accordingly.

    The damage the FBI has done to America, on behalf of the Democrat party, (There is nothing “democratic” about them), cannot be overstated.

    While their name is the Federal Bureau of Investigations, they are actually the American “Stasi.”

    Reference – Stasi:


    Under Erich Mielke, its director from 1957 to 1989, the Stasi became a highly effective secret police organization. Within East Germany it sought to infiltrate every institution of society and every aspect of daily life, including even intimate personal and familial relationships. It accomplished this goal both through its official apparatus and through a vast network of informants and unofficial collaborators (inoffizielle Mitarbeiter), who spied on and denounced colleagues, friends, neighbours, and even family members. By 1989 the Stasi relied on 500,000 to 2,000,000 collaborators as well as 100,000 regular employees, and it maintained files on approximately 6,000,000 East German citizens—more than one-third of the population.


    Many members of the Stasi were eventually prosecuted for their crimes against their own citizenry, yet our own Stasi, the FBI, has been protected from their own illegal action by those in positions of power.

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    Jump forward to present day and the targeting of President Trump continues. As poll after poll showed Trump to be the favorite to run for the GOP in 2024, the more panicked and desperate the democrat party, which includes members of the FBI,  has become.

    Lo and behold, the closer to the midterm elections, with every poll showing the same pattern of Republicans taking control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate in the November midterms, democrats and the “American Stasi (FBI) have become desperate.

    That is what the Stasi raid of President Trump’s home was all about. The excuse was “classified information,” which democrats/Stasi waited over 18 months to show concern about, just in time to attempt to derail the midterm projected wins for Republicans.

    The blatancy of the timing of this raid is astounding. The “American Stasi (FBI) has gone too far this time, and the American public has noticed.

    Polling conducted after the raid shows 91.5% of Democrats supportive of the raid with 84% of Republicans not supportive of the raid, which adequately shows the partisan divide, so in order to get some perspective of the numbers, we look to the Independents, who may lean one direction or the other but hold no affiliation or allegiance to either political party.

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