by Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

Never ending covid infected basement dummy and his lesbian black diversity hire bubble headed bimbo press secretary keep blathering about our great economy and tremendous jobs market, as they desperately try to convince the ignorant masses they aren’t really drowning under the strain of a rampant stagflationary depression.


Everyone knows they are lying and having their left-wing media mouthpieces supporting their lies is useless. The chart below explains our current situation. Real disposable income (after inflation) has been down or flat for 15 months in a row. It’s amazing how stimmies made millions feel rich for about a year. The Fed printing fiat and the government dispensing it as fast as it was printed created the illusion of wealth. Now we sit down to a banquet of consequences.


The raging inflation has wiped out any temporary income gains and will continue to do so as we enjoy Biden’s stagflationary depression. And what do the Democrats do? They pass a $750 billion Inflation Reduction Plan that increases inflation and will require the Fed to keep printing. As a cherry on top, the chart uses the government manipulated inflation rate. In reality, the current 9% inflation rate is actually 18% when measured as it was in 1980 when Volker boosted the Fed Funds rate to 20%.

If the Dems think people will be voting in November on the issues of abortion, gun control and climate change, they are fucking delusional. The average American is getting screwed harder than a monkeypox spreader at a San Francisco orgy. They will vote their pocketbook, as if the limp RINOs will do anything to reverse course.

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Conclusion: you’re screwed either way.

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