White House Says Families Must Accept Pain At The Pump to Fight Putin: ‘This Is About The Future of The Liberal World Order’


    by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

    American families must continue to suffer under record gas prices because “the future of the Liberal World Order” is on the line in Ukraine, according to the White House.

    “What do you say to those families that say, listen, we can’t afford to pay $4.85 a gallon for months, if not years?” a CNN host asked Biden advisor Brian Deese on Thursday.

    “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm,” Deese responded.

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    According to his bio, Deese worked for BlackRock before joining the White House in Jan 2021.

    Biden himself on Thursday also said that Americans need to accept paying a premium at the pump for “as long as it takes” to stop Russia from defeating Ukraine.

    Biden also blamed high gas prices on “Russia, Russia, Russia” rather than the US’s endless sanctions targeting Russian gas and oil.

    Trump’s “Russia, Russia, Russia” meme has been made manifest.

    As I reported in May, polls found that Americans turned against US involvement in Ukraine when it was explained to them that US intervention could trigger a greater war between the US and Russia and lead to further economic hardship at home.

    The reason the US is sending CIA agents over to Ukraine along with some $60 billion in arms and bribes to keep the war going in perpetuity is not to ensure Ukraine wins the war but instead to drag the war out for months or years in the hope it becomes an Afghanistan-esque quagmire bogging Russia down and lays the groundwork for regime change in Moscow.

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