Rewriting history: Just another day in DC


    by Robert W Malone MD, MS, Who Is Robert Malone:

    “Lab leak”, “Wuhan wet market”, “Devil’s Hole”, “Big Tom” and “Gain-of-Function” Research. War is peace. Fiction is truth. In short, a propaganda round up.

    Not sure why Fauci continues to obfuscate about the origins of the virus… But we can all speculate why. It is nice to see Dr. Redfield not going for Fauci’s BS.

    Former CDC Director Fires Back at Fauci’s ‘Natural’ Claim
    The Epoch Times. July 26, 2022

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    “I’m disappointed in the [National Institutes of Health] for not leading an objective evaluation from the beginning,” Redfield (former director of the CDC) told the outlet. “I think it really is antithetical to the science where they took a very strong position that people like myself who are somehow conspiratorial just because we have a different scientific hypothesis.”

    A reason why the Wuhan lab leak theory has not been fully recognized, Redfield argued, is due to the politicization of the pandemic response and the pressure that was heaped on scientists who sought objective approaches while studying the origins of COVID-19.

    “I’ve been very disappointed in the scientific community led by [National Institutes of Health] that has really dug their heels in from the beginning to try to minimize any of us that have a different hypothesis,” he said.

    In contrast to what Redfield is saying above, right on time for election season, we now have a concerted propaganda push to craft the narrative that the US Government was not complicit in the development of SARS-CoV-2. Note that the conclusions are far from definitive- “Likely” according to the authors. This article in Science has been followed by a concerted PR push, which is often the best way to detect propaganda.

    The molecular epidemiology of multiple zoonotic origins of SARS-CoV-2

    Understanding the circumstances that lead to pandemics is important for their prevention. Here, we analyze the genomic diversity of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) early in the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. We show that SARS-CoV-2 genomic diversity before February 2020 likely comprised only two distinct viral lineages, denoted A and B. Phylodynamic rooting methods, coupled with epidemic simulations, reveal that these lineages were the result of at least two separate cross-species transmission events into humans. The first zoonotic transmission likely involved lineage B viruses around 18 November 2019 (23 October–8 December), while the separate introduction of lineage A likely occurred within weeks of this event. These findings indicate that it is unlikely that SARS-CoV-2 circulated widely in humans prior to November 2019 and define the narrow window between when SARS-CoV-2 first jumped into humans and when the first cases of COVID-19 were reported. As with other coronaviruses, SARS-CoV-2 emergence likely resulted from multiple zoonotic events.

    From CNN (notice the wording – “New Studies Agree” (With whom? Fauci?):

    New studies agree that animals sold at Wuhan market are most likely what started Covid-19 pandemic

    And from Axios:

    Wuhan market pinpointed as pandemic’s Ground Zero

    If you read these various articles, you will find that the actual text demonstrates that the issue is far from resolved.

    Now, it isn’t like the USA doesn’t have a history of experimenting with biological and chemical weaponry… as long as it is legal, of course. So, when Dr. Fauci makes claims about the origin of the virus, it may be best to look to the past to see just what the USG has done in the past and is capable of doing.

    So, here is some “old news,” that may be “new news” to most.

    A 2002 CBS news articles on release of documents relating to the US bio-weapons testing during the 1960s is fascinating and more than a little scary. I have included the whole article – as I think that alerting Americans that such testing happened is very important. Mainly because I have no reason to suspect (insert sarcasm) that from time to time, they haven’t continued with such testing or had a surrogate (such as Israel) continue (as Israel has never signed the Biological weapons Convention).

    CBS News – 2002

    U.S. Admits Bio-Weapons Tests

    The United States secretly tested chemical and biological weapons on American soil during the 1960s, newly declassified Pentagon reports show.

    The tests included releasing deadly nerve agents in Alaska and spraying bacteria over Hawaii, according to the documents obtained Tuesday.

    The United States also tested nerve agents in Canada and Britain in conjunction with those two countries, and biological and chemical weapons in at least two other states, Maryland and Florida.

    The summaries of more than two dozen tests show that biological and chemical tests were much more widespread than the military has acknowledged previously.

    The Pentagon released records earlier this year showing that chemical and biological agents had been sprayed on ships at sea. The military reimbursed ranchers and agreed to stop open-air nerve agent testing at its main chemical weapons center in the Utah desert after about 6,400 sheep died when nerve gas drifted away from the test range.

    But the Pentagon never before has provided details of the Alaskan, Hawaiian, Canadian and British tests. The Defense Department planned to formally release summaries of 28 biological and chemical weapons tests at a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing Wednesday.

    The documents did not say whether any civilians had been exposed to the poisons. Military personnel exposed to weapons agents would have worn protective gear, the Pentagon says, although the gas masks and suits used at the time were far less sophisticated than those in use today.

    The head of the House Veterans Affairs panel called for further investigation of the tests.

    “Our focus must be on quickly identifying those veterans who were involved, assessing whether they suffered any negative health consequences and, if warranted, providing them with adequate health care and compensation for their service,” said Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican.

    The tests were part of Project 112 (see more about Project 112 below), a military program in the 1960s and 1970s to test chemical and biological weapons and defenses against them. Parts of the testing program done on Navy ships were called Project SHAD, or Shipboard Hazard and Defense.

    The United States scrapped its biological weapons program in the late 1960s and agreed in a 1997 treaty to destroy all of its chemical weapons.

    Some of those involved in the tests say they now suffer health problems linked to their exposure to dangerous chemicals and germs. They are pressing the Veterans Affairs Department to compensate them.

    Earlier this year, the Defense Department acknowledged for the first time that some of the 1960s tests used real chemical and biological weapons, not just benign stand-ins.

    The Defense Department has identified nearly 3,000 soldiers involved in tests disclosed earlier, but the VA has sent letters to fewer than half of them. VA and Pentagon officials acknowledged at a July hearing that finding the soldiers has been difficult.

    The tests described in the latest Pentagon documents include:

    • Devil Hole I, designed to test how sarin gas would disperse after being released in artillery shells and rockets in aspen and spruce forests. The tests occurred in the summer of 1965 at the Gerstle River test site near Fort Greeley, Alaska. Sarin is a powerful nerve gas that causes a choking, thrashing death. The Bush administration says it is part of Iraq’s chemical arsenal.
    • Devil Hole II, which tested how the nerve agent VX behaved when dispersed with artillery shells. The test at the Gerstle River site in Alaska also included mannequins in military uniforms and military trucks. VX is one of the deadliest nerve agents known and is persistent in the environment because it is a sticky liquid that evaporates slowly. Iraq has acknowledged making tons of VX.
    • Big Tom, a 1965 test that included spraying bacteria over the Hawaiian island of Oahu to simulate a biological attack on an island compound, and to develop tactics for such an attack. The test used Bacillus globigii, a bacterium believed at the time to be harmless. Researchers later discovered the bacterium, a relative of the one that causes anthrax, could cause infections in people with weakened immune systems.
    • Rapid Tan I, II, and III, a series of tests in 1967 and 1968 in England and Canada. The tests used sarin and VX, as well as the nerve agents tabun and soman, at the British chemical weapons facility in Porton Down, England. Tests at the Suffield Defence Research Establishment in Ralston, Canada, included tabun and soman, the records show.


    Tabun and soman are chemically related to sarin and produce similar effects.

    Going further down this rabbit hole:

    Project 112

    Project 112 was a biological and chemical weapon experimentation project conducted by the United States Department of Defense from 1962 to 1973. The project started under John F. Kennedy‘s administration, and was authorized by his Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, as part of a total review of the US military. The name refers to its number in the 150 review process. Every branch of the armed services and CIA contributed funding and staff. Canada and the United Kingdom also participated in some Project 112 activities.

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