Dutch Farmers May Be Forced To Kill Off 30% Of Livestock To Save Planet


    from Technocracy News:

    The global food shortage is driven by insane eco-activists who think that saving the planet is more important than saving human lives. The livestock industry has been under attack since the UN’s Agenda 21 was created in 1992. This entire program is anti-human and anti-civilization. ⁃ TN Editor

    Egged on by eco-activists, the highest court in the Netherlands ordered the government to comply with an EU law to reduce the inert gas nitrogen in vulnerable areas. That would mean culling 30% of its livestock. One farming organization called the plans ‘disgusting’.

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    The proposal sparked protests from the farming community, while enviro-nutters called for even more action.

    The 30% reduction is in response to the so-called ‘nitrogen crisis’, including concerns about ammonia pollution.

    Despite making up 78% of the atmosphere, excess nitrogen can get into water sources or the oceans via agricultural runoff as it’s a key ingredient in fertilizers.

    To cut livestock numbers by 30%, the Finance And Agriculture Ministry published two proposals: the forced sale of farmland and the mass disposal of livestock. Both would devastate farmers across the country.

    All this as the world teeters on the brink of global famine because of a fertilizer shortage and wheat blockade instigated by sanctions against Russia.

    Tellingly, this is part and parcel of the Great Reset being pushed by the ruling elite, the same people who fly private jets to climate conferences and help politicians write laws that make life worse for everyone.

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