ANOTHER new scandal on the way for ‘Biden Crime Family’


    from WND:

    Reporter explains links to China being reviewed

    It’s often hard to keep up with the Hunter Biden story. From his Chinese deals, one with 10% for the “big guy,” to his payments from Russia, to his millions in checks from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma while it was under investigation for corruption, to the videos of prostitutes, to his admitted drug use, that episode with the handgun and more, the stories just keep surging.

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    And now there’s word that even more is coming.

    Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations has posted statements online suggesting that his sources are telling him “Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden Crime Family are under investigation and even surveillance over their relationships with high-ranking CCP-affiliated people,” according to a report in the Liberty Daily.

    “If true, it means many have been correct in believing the Biden regime may be beholden to Beijing through blackmail…” the report said.

    See Sperry’s comments:

    The report openly wondered, “Is Joe Biden being controlled by the Chinese Community Party? Are Hunter and James Biden compromised to the point that Joe Biden himself is beholden to Beijing? The deeper we get into the story, the more damning it appears for the Biden Crime Family.”

    In fact, WND reported just days ago that calls are surging for the federal government to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, his deals, and possibly his business partners.

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