9,000 Retweets and 800,000 Video Views


by Ron Unz, The Unz Review:

The course of human history may sometimes be shifted by a single spark if it happens to ignite a barrel of ideological gunpowder. With perfect timing for our Fourth of July holiday, an enormous explosion of public attention has suddenly engulfed the origins of the Covid outbreak, renewing the discussion of the causes of the global epidemic that has taken more than a million American lives and disrupted the entire world.

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Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is the high-ranking academic who had chaired the Lancet commission on Covid, and a couple of weeks ago he made public statements seeming to suggest the virus had been produced by America. On July 1st I republished a brief item from RT highlighting these, and the following day a short clip of his remarks went super-viral, retweeted more than 9,000 times and producing over 800,000 views of the video, totals that have been rising minute by minute. At very long last, our Western media outlets may finally be forced to confront the issue that they have so carefully avoided for more than two years.

Sachs’ incendiary suggestion came a month after he had co-authored an academic paper in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, pointing to the strong evidence that Covid was the genetically-engineered product of a lab and calling for an independent inquiry into America’s possible role in creating the virus that has killed up to 20 million people worldwide.

Two years ago, the Covid commission that he chaired had concluded that the virus was probably natural, a verdict soon uniformly adopted by the American media, even leading Facebook to ban any contrary views. So Sachs’ public reversal on this crucial question represented a gigantic bombshell, but with the exception of a single piece appearing in the Intercept, it was totally ignored in the media, although I did my best to highlight it.

But a well-crafted Tweet has now attracted such enormous attention that the cat is probably out of the bag, and the media may finally be forced to cover the issue.

As I glanced over that massive Twitter thread, the only substantial push-back I noticed came from Prof. Richard H. Ebright of Rutgers, an influential virologist heavily involved in the Covid debate, who argued that Sachs’ words were being misinterpreted. According to Ebright, Sachs was merely suggesting that American biotechnology rather than an actual American lab had been responsible for Covid.

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