4th of July 2022: “I am willing to DIE to restore FREEDOM in America, Are YOU?”


    by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

    July 4th used to be my absolute favorite holiday for all the right reasons. We Americans love things like liberty and freedom. But where have those things gone?

    I think many of us know that there will have to be blood spilled to replenish the state of liberty, but everyone I talk to is looking for someone else to lead the way. “Yeah Dean I’ll fight but someone else has to lead.”

    Those are the words of a slave, my fellow Americans. And today we must resolve to be slaves no more.

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    These are my opinions but they are also the opinions shared by over 50% of Americans as my personal estimate. Today we celebrate freedom while worrying at the same time that we have lost it again. This time at the hands of our own government.

    MOST AMERICANS KNOW THAT BIDEN WAS NOT FAIRLY ELECTED. If you read DC Clothesline and DC Dirty Laundry you know a lot of what I know. The Democrats stole Biden’s “election” and many seats in the House and Senate. This is FACT. I have only pieces of evidence here and there so, again, I have to say it is my opinion. But when over half of the country carries my opinion, you have to think there is reason to believe it’s the truth. Who are you going to trust? Fake news sources like CNN AND FOX, or your fellow Americans?

    I choose the people who know rather than the fake news sources that are intent on brainwashing us. Yes America, in order to get large and successful in the news business you have to be willing to serve the government and NOT the people.

    For those of you who don’t know me or remember me, I was once one of the most popular political writers in the world. It all started with an article I wrote in 2012, that was read by tens of millions of people all over the world.

    I wrote that article in 2012 on a free wordpress site. I wrote that article, from my easy chair, and it was read by tens of millions and never made me a dime. LOL No ads folks. But it did make me famous and I am grateful for that.

    But this is now about more than guns. They are killing people with a manufactured disease. They are sterilizing people, thus killing future generations, with vaccines that cause infertility. The disease killed some and the vaccines are now killing more than the disease did. This is fact, though you can’t get it out anywhere for people to read. I am currently suspended from both Facebook and Twitter for trying to do so.

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    Let me just spit out what I’m trying to say because I am going on four hours sleep, not in the best of health and my mind is somewhat cluttered today.

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