Twitter is Hiring Record Numbers of Former Spies and Federal Agents


    by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

    According to a report by anti-war website MintPress, Twitter has been recruiting a large number of former federal agents and spies.

    Based on Alan MacLeod research, Twitter has hired dozens of individuals from the national security state to work in areas concerning content, safety, security, and trust.

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    The FBI has been a primary recruiting ground for Twitter. MintPress noted that the “FBI is generally known as a domestic security and intelligence force.” Though it has expanded its control into cyberspace.

    MintPress noted Dawn Burton, who previously held the position of Washington operations for Lockheed Martin, recently held a job as senior innovation advisor to the director at the FBI. She would later become senior director of strategy and operations for legal, public policy, trust and safety at Twitter. All of this took place in 2019.

    In 2020, Karen Walsh joined Twitter to become director of corporate resilience after working 21 years for the FBI.

    Twitter’s deputy general counsel and vice president of legal, Jim Baker, worked for the FBI between 2014 and 2018 as a senior strategic advisor.

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