There Is No Basis for the FDA to Authorize Covid Vaccines For Toddlers


    by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

    In a historically embarrassing decision, the FDA recently became the only international regulatory body to authorize the use of mRNA vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer for children aged six months to five years.

    For the overwhelming majority of young children and toddlers, there is likely no justification or need for this concerning authorization.

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    They are at vanishingly small risk of serious complications from COVID, meaning that the risk-benefit calculation is precarious at best, and potentially negative at worst.

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    It’s also a testament to the disturbingly successful politicization of the US regulatory agencies that essentially no other internationally respected country anywhere on earth has made this bewildering decision.

    Sweden, for example, has stopped the rollout of the Moderna vaccine for anyone under 30.

    Not 18. Not 12. Not 5. 30.

    The United States is now going to be vaccinating children as young as six months old with the same product that Sweden has banned for use in anyone under 30, citing side effects that tilt the risk-benefit numbers.

    Despite this concerning difference of opinion, the White House Chief of Staff/Acting President Ronald Klain confusingly celebrated the announcement:

    Interestingly, The New York Times link Klain tweeted brought up yet another concerning aspect of the authorization process, requiring an examination of the FDA’s documents and past statements.

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