The Globalists Final Solution Will Be A Blitzkrieg Bloodbath Of Unparalleled Proportions As Biden’s Commies Launch Another Pandemic And More Attacks On Our Food And Supply Chains


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    With Joe Biden recently proving himself to be the laughing stock of the world (get your biden door mat here!) after he revealed his ‘cheat sheet’  reminding him to do such difficult-to-remember things as ‘sit down‘, thank the participants after the meeting and ‘depart‘ (which we wish he would do IMMEDIATELY for the sake of America and the world), it’s crucial now to re-examine an additional set of comments Biden recently made in light of everything else now happening.

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    And with the top-voted comments on that story all hitting the nail on the head with that number 1 comment being “Not funny and just more proof he is not up to the job, any job,” as we’ll explore in this story, Biden is so far gone that his recent ‘pronouncement‘ that THERE WILL BE ‘another pandemic’ tells America exactly where we’re being herded as 2022 closes in on its midway point.

    Because with other commenters on that Daily Mail story also pointing out the obvious, such as one top-voted comment claiming proof he is a puppet, its a charade,” another top-voted comment brought up a great point: As a voter, I demand to see the person writing the cards.” What do you want to bet it’s the same people who unleashed the COVID bioweapon on America to allow massive mail in voting fraud to get ‘illegitimate’ Joe Biden into the White House?

    And with another top-voted comment pointing out “This friggin guy needs to be told to what do including when to sit down. How absolutely embarrassing, we are so screwed“, as another commenter  pointed out, “anyone who really believes this ‘turnip’ won the 2020 election, or is America’s legitimate POTUS, needs their heads examined. Fraud!

    Read in full for free at the Epoch Times: “2000 Mules Team Presents Evidence of 243 Mules Visiting 5,700 Drop Boxes to State Legislature”

    Yet there he is. Sitting in the highest office of the land, embarrassing America along with himself, proving to the entire world what an absolute disaster he is, while tipping the globalists hand in the process. Think Biden babbling “there WILL BE another pandemic” wasn’t some kind of Freudian slip with this guy needing note cards just to remind him to ‘sit down’?

    We can all see where this is headed despite one doctors group recently urging Biden to end vax and quarantine recommendations for children, and it’s towards a very dark place in time and history.

    As Dr. Joel Hirschhorn recently warned in this ANP story, with more and more young people dying very mysterious deaths over the last few months, and now Biden’s ‘department of depopulation‘ approving this deadly vax for America’s youngest generations, it’s time for a major revolt by the masses.

    Because with Biden and Democrats also tipping their hand on the depopulation agenda via their push for unlimited abortions (that’s right, Democrats want Americans to MURDER their own kids!), America is due for a major reckoning considering over 50 million unborn children have been brutally slaughtered since 1973, with the full approval of Democrats and RINOs in the United States Congress and the US government according to this story at the Life Institute.

    Reporting within that story that more African American babies have been killed by abortions since 1973 than the total number of African American deaths from AIDS, violent crimes, accidents, cancer and heart disease combinedwhy again do African Americans keep voting for Democrats when those in Congress and the White House are most definitely and quite clearly at war with them?

    And as we’ve reported time and again on ANP, it hasn’t just been African Americans that these demon seeds in Washington DC are at war with, with America’s food supply chain now under all-out attack and the numbers of those attacks upon our way of staying alive picking up every day.

    As we’d reported in this June 22nd ANP story titled “Alarming Chart Shows Rapid Escalation Of Mysterious Destructive Events Hitting America’s Food Supply Chain With Meat Under All Out Attack As The Globalists Push ‘Crickets’ As New Superfood”, we’ve already been witnessing a huge uptick in the number of ‘attacks‘ upon our food supply chain over the last 2 years and the next map that we’ve embedded below, which you can see in an interactive capacity at this link, shows that even we had underestimated the sheer number of such ‘events‘ here in America.

    Read in full from the Epoch Times: COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder


    If you still need survival food, there are plenty of links to food available now within this ANP story.

    So with ‘turnip’ Joe Biden (and we mean no disrespect to turnips in that remark as they’re clearly more useful than the illegitimate, braindead oaf sitting in the White House) going out of his way since his ‘installment there‘ to destroy America, outright leading the genocide that we’re now witnessing with more and more Americans ‘dropping dead‘ (to use Biden’s words) from ‘the vax‘, Americans best be loaded for bear in the days ahead with these outright attacks upon the American people sure to only be ramped up in the coming days.

    Seen perfectly in the Communists drive to enact new red flag gun laws after the US Supreme Court handed them a huge loss in New York’s unconstitutional concealed carry law that was shot down, we’ll ask once again, how do wannabe commie tyrants disarm Americans of 475 million+ guns without ensuring their own destruction in the process? Thanks to the amazing wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers, they don’t. Yet we’ll continue to pray that it never comes down to that.

    But notice how they’ll continue to bluntly lie to our faces every day, a huge part of the reason why Biden has an approval rating of roughly only 36% if we’re to even believe the mainstream media polls, a horrid failing grade any way you look at it unless you’re looking at it through today’s education system’s ‘passing grades of well below failing.

    And with this July 14th of 2021 story over at Gallup reporting the trust the American people have in nearly ALL ‘public institutions‘ has tumbled tremendously, with the newspapers and TV news only trusted by 21% and 16% of Americans, US Congress trusted by an absolutely abominable 12% of Americans while the public school system remains trusted by only 32% of Americans, that poll also found the US medical system was only trusted by 44% of Americans, back then, before all of the mass deaths of the ‘clot shot‘ were fully known. We’d bet the medical systems trust record in 2022 is probably down to way less than 30% after people like Dr. Fauci told us all to ‘go get vaccinated, it’ll make you a dead end to COVID’, before he went out and got the-COVID himself.

    So with Mike Adams recently warning us the outright ‘Demolition‘ of our supply chains is nothing less than pre-civil war SABOTAGE to shape the battlefield for domestic WARFARE as heard in the 1st video below, as Susan Duclos had warned in this May 30th ANP story, the globalists fully understand that ‘controlling the food’ allows them to ‘control the people’.

    And as John Scotto warned in this June 21st ANP story, we’re witnessing nothing less than “Diabolical Left-Wing Policies Gathering Like A Perfect Storm To Transform America From A Constitutional Republic Into A Third World Communist Hell Hole”, leading the American sheep to the slaughter while unleashing hell upon the wishes of the American people to just live their lives, something that will be impossible to do if these devil-worshipping satanists in Washington DC get their way in the days, weeks and months ahead.

    In the 2nd video below we hear more about Biden’s warning of a 2nd ‘scamdemic’ incoming in a video that also reports on all of these growing number of ‘mysterious‘ clot shot deaths in young people all across the country and the world while in the final video below we’re warned on the Dr. Jane Ruby Show that we now have clear and present evidence that the U.S.  Food and Drug Administration is a terrorist organization colluding with a DOD driven domestic bioterrorism program.

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