Military Experts: CIA & NATO Commandos Deployed in Ukraine Show Kiev is Proxy in US War on Russia


    from Sputnik News:

    CIA personnel and commandos from the UK, France, Canada and Lithuania have been operating in Ukraine since the outset of the Russian special operation despite the US and NATO denying deploying their forces there, according to the New York Times. Are the West’s covert efforts worth the pain as Ukrainian troops are increasingly outgunned?

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    “I believe the New York Times report is correct in every detail,” says Philip Giraldi, a former CIA station chief and military intelligence officer. “It is what I have been hearing. There is considerable training at the Grafenwoehr, Germany army base to familiarize the Ukrainians with the new weapons arriving. Meanwhile there are cadres of special operations soldiers and intelligence personnel operating primarily in western Ukraine. They are not in uniform and many of them are working under various cover designations, including sometimes loose affiliations with foreign embassies and NGOs. All of which means that Biden and other Western leaders are lying about their active participation in the conflict.”

    Ahead of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and de-Nazify Ukraine, the US withdrew its own 150 military instructors. However, some CIA operatives continued their service in the country secretly, directing most of the intelligence flow the US is sharing with Ukrainian forces, according to the NYT. In addition to that, commandos from Washington’s NATO allies have been managing the flow of weapons and equipment in Ukraine and providing training. The NYT specifies, citing American and other Western officials that the commandos are not on the front lines with Ukrainian troops.

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