INSURRECTION! Arizona Senate Evacuated After Pro-Choice Rioters and Teachers Breach Security (Video)


by Kristinn Taylor, The Gateway Pundit:

The Arizona Senate was evacuated Friday night after pro-choice rioters and teachers protesting an education funding bill breached building security at the Capitol. Police fired tear gas from windows in the Capitol in a effort to control the mob. Video screen images show protesters entered the Senate chamber.


Wild video by Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita shows screaming mob banging on the doors while an officer warns a senator to hide.

Kristy Dohnel, communications director for the Arizona Republican Party, “The AZ State Senate is currently evacuating the Capitol. Please pray for their safety…Protesters have broken into the Capitol— Senate voting was in process”

Video of Senate abruptly evacuating:

Screen images of protesters taking over the Senate chamber.

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