IMPORTANT REAL NEWS UPDATE… LAWSUIT THREATENED UNLESS I RIP THIS ARTICLE DOWN: As of 2020 The Pakistani Government Was Still Implying That a Sandy Hook Victim Was Killed Again in Peshawar


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

IMPORTANT UPDATE: $h*t just got real Clothesline readers. As predicted, as you will see in the below article originally published 6-22-22, I have received another legal threat from Lenny Pozner. Lenny is the father of Noah Pozner, who was officially a Sandy Hook victim in 2012. This is a good example of why they censor websites like mine and why many formerly credible news sources now simply parrot the fake narratives we are fed by large, government-endorsed, news sources. Please, if you read one article this year and/or share one article in 2022, let it be this one. It is important for people to know that they can’t trust news narratives in America. Here is the text of the email, which will be also sent as a hard copy to my OLD address. LOL:


Dean Garrison

408 E Scott St
Monett , MO  65708

This email is being written relating to your website post on where you are publishing false information concerning the Pozner family.  This publication is without authorization and is intended for the sole purpose of harassment. A report for Harassment will be filed.

Demand is hereby made for you to remove the link below immediately.
Failure to do so will leave no alternative but to seek legal redress and
remedies in the appropriate court of law.


Very truly yours,

Lenny Pozner


Now, here is the original article published on 6-22-2022. This is REAL news folks and would have been published in 2020 if I weren’t blind at the time… How has the left taken over the media? By scaring people like me into following their “rules.” NEVER AGAIN. NO FEAR FROM HERE ON OUT…


Years ago I deleted every single Sandy Hook article on my websites. I now regret it. I grew tired of death threats, from various parties, and lawsuits threatened by Noah Pozner’s father Lenny.

I gave up my free speech because of intimidation. Lenny Pozner did NOT threaten my life, I want to make that clear, but he did tell me to rip down many articles and threatened lawsuits if I did not.

Guess what? I complied.

I more than complied. After a few letters about various “Sandy Hook” articles, I grew tired and ripped them all down. Today I regret giving up my free speech because of simple intimidation tactics. I got scared and went soft.

Many years later I am disabled and have nothing to be sued for, so go ahead Mr. Pozner…sue me.

And for those that made death threats, all that stands between you and I is air and opportunity.

What happened in Newtown, CT was a tragedy for sure. So this article is not meant to be an insult to any of those who suffered. But it is meant to question if the story went as we were told. THAT IS MY JOB.

First, let me start by saying that I probably did avoid lawsuits by ripping down those articles. This is from People Magazine April 17, 2018…

Sandy Hook Parents Sue Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones for Defamation: ‘Enough Is Enough’

Three parents who lost children in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting have filed two defamation suits against Alex Jones, the notorious radio host and conspiracy theorist who has called the massacre a “giant hoax,” PEOPLE learns.

On Monday, Houston attorney Mark D. Bankston filed the suits in Travis County District Court in Austin, Texas, where Jones is based.

Jones hosts an eponymous radio show and owns, a website that has trafficked in conspiracy theories on various topics including Sandy Hook.

Bankston is representing Neil Heslin, whose 7-year-old son, Jesse Lewis, was killed in the Dec. 14, 2012, school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut; and Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, whose 6-year-old son, Noah, was also killed.

The shooting left 20 children and six adults dead at the school before the shooter killed himself.

Heslin is seeking in excess of $1 million in damages from Jones and Infowars as well as Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer and Jones’ company, Free Speech Systems, according to the complaint, which was obtained by PEOPLE. READ THE REST


Lenny Pozner was serious about the lawsuits he threatened and Alex Jones eventually found that out.

Yet, the Sandy Hook story never really seems to go away. Years later there was a shooting in Peshawar Pakistan killing over 100, and somehow Noah Pozner’s picture showed up as one of the victims. How does this happen?

Snopes was on the story…

Sandy Hook Victim Spotted Among Peshawar School Dead?

A number of explanations might apply to this puzzling photograph. The first is that an image of Pozner was mistakenly included in the vigil by someone who turned up his picture while performing an online search using a term such as “December school massacre” to find photos of those killed in Peshawar and and did not recognize his face (because he had dark hair and facial features not unlike those of many of the victims in Peshawar). Another is that his image was deliberately included by mourners as an homage in order to publicly link multiple incidents of young, innocent victims’ losing their lives in senseless school shootings. A third is that a massive worldwide cabal colluded to perpetrate or falsify the murders of more than 150 students and teachers collectively spanning the globe from Connecticut to Pakistan, and the puppeteers of this conspiracy were so inept that they failed the basic task of obtaining novel images to assign to each of the victims of the violent acts.



OK, before I go on I want to point out that Pakistan has a population of over 240 million and is the 5th largest country in the world. It is only slightly smaller than the United States. I’m not sure our readers realize that, at least not all of them.

In late 2019 I went blind, so I apologize in advance for only seeing this now that my eyesight has been surgically restored.

From Daily Pakistan, December 17th 2020…

Punjab Government’s ad on APS Peshawar attack features US victim of terrorism, but why?

LAHORE – As the nation mourns the victims of 2014 Peshawar attack on sixth anniversary, an advertisement by the Government of Punjab in leading Pakistani newspapers featured an American child among the APS schoolchildren.

The child from the ad is 6-year-old Noah Pozner, who was the youngest victim killed in the 2012 school massacre in the United States.

Carrying Noah’s picture, the ad has been carried by leading Urdu dailies like Roznama Express and Roznama Jang across the most populous Pakistani province without proper verification of the pictures. The said picture is a part of the collage, carrying photos of the actual victims of APS Peshawar attack.

Even though the Pakistani nation that has seen the worst of terrorism in the last two decades have always sympathised with the victims of violent attacks anywhere in the world, this ad exposed the performance of Punjab government who simply could not mark such an important day in the right manner.

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