Creepy Joe Biden Just Keeps Getting Creepier By The Day


    by Chad Miller, DC Clothesline:

    As this waking national nightmare installed in the people’s White House that none of us Americans are able to wake up from continues in its unrelenting march to mutilate, disfigure and destroy virtually every aspect of our collective society and way of life, more skeletons have recently emerged from their place of concealment inside of Joe Biden‘s closet of twisted and depraved family secrets.

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    As the smoke settles over the numerous food production facilities across the country which have since burnt to the ground and as the thousands of heads of cattle in Kansas that inexplicably all dropped dead recently are being bulldozed away, compounding this supply chain interruption we as a nation are all suffering the fallout from, now we learn Joe Biden’s past proclivities of interacting with his children included him taking showers with his hyper-sexualized, nympho daughter, Ashley Biden. This nauseating detail was revealed in Ashley’s own words from a diary allegedly having belonged to her which has managed to make its way (much like her brother Hunter’s laptop) into the national spotlight.

    Diary From Hell / Biden Took Showers With His Daughter…. New Allegations Arise.….-new-allegations-ar.html?fbclid=IwAR3vf750NrLCHVzY5vQtDycY-IAxE5VAaVAfK5SwqTJjPevaC280aqvhaQA

    Apart from that throwing up in your mouth a bit sensation that’s just the natural, adverse reaction of normal people to abnormal crap like this, when you remember every deranged, demented, deceitful thing these actual purveyors of perversion on the Left (whom I consider as being the true insurrectionist threat against our Republic) have harassed, persecuted and accused president Trump of since the day he descended the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president of the United States back on June 16th, 2015, you probably also felt a renewed sense of intensified outrage at the grotesque hypocrisy of these bottom feeding locusts chomping away at the foundations of our great Republic. I don’t think there are any words left in our English vocabulary to even describe, much less encompass, the absurd insanity we’re inundated with on a daily basis by these deranged lunatics.

    If anything, its only reaffirmed my personal belief that we need to make insane asylums, padded rooms, Thorazine and straight jackets great again for these fruitcakes. I mean we’ve rocketed way past the boundaries of the Twilight Zone and Outer Limits here. Apparently it’s not enough that creepy Joe recently threatened to withhold billions in federal funding to any schools lunch program that refuse to comply with his administrations mandate to peddle the policies of this alphabet soup organization of confused gay people and Tranny’s. Seeking to make the warped policies of these morally bankrupt degenerates a part of our education systems national curriculum, trickling down their gutters and straight into the classrooms of preschoolers. There simply are no words for this brand of deviancy anymore that wouldn’t be better articulated by the enforcement of our 2nd Amendment rights against these predators.

    And as revealed in the following age-restricted YouTube video dated all the way back to 2012, exposing Planned Parenthood’s role in targeting school children, titled

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