Big Tech is making enemies and losing money. It’s about time!


    from WND:

    Exclusive: Joseph Farah examines mounting evidence Americans are sick of tech giants

    The company formerly known as Facebook lost a boatload of value recently – $232 billion, the biggest loss ever suffered by a U.S. company in a single day. By the end of April, it had lost another fifth of its value.

    Now called Meta Platforms, the brutal stock beating wasn’t the only problem. For its first 18 years, Facebook was gaining users hand over foot. Now it’s losing them – because of privacy concerns and competition with the Chinese competitor TikTok, which should be avoided at all costs.

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    On top of that, Big Tech is finally facing government regulation – that includes Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Twitter has agreed to meet Elon Musk’s demands to be more forthright about exactly what the billionaire buyer would receive in his pending acquisition.

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