Abp. Viganò: Freemasonry is using the WHO and the ‘Bergoglian church’ to advance its global coup


by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, LifeSite News:

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Armando Manocchia: Your Excellency, [Here in Italy] we are now in economic and financial bankruptcy, where the public debt is now over 2.7 billion euros. In my opinion the problem is the moral and ethical bankruptcy not only of the ruling class but also of a significant part of the population. What can we do to reconstruct a social fabric that includes an ethical and moral sense? 

Archbishop Viganò: Bankruptcy is the inevitable result of multiple factors. The first is the transfer of the monetary sovereignty of individual nations to a supranational body such as the European Union. The European Central Bank is a private bank, lending money at interest rates to member states, forcing them into perpetual indebtedness. I recall, en passant, that the European Central Bank is officially owned by the Central Banks of the nations that are part of it; therefore, since the Central Banks are controlled by private companies, the ECB itself is essentially a private company, and acts as such.



The second factor is seigniorage, that is, the income that the Central Bank derives from the issuance of money on behalf of the state, which borrows with it not for the material cost of printing banknotes, but for their nominal value: a theft to the detriment of the community, because the money belongs to the citizens and not to a private subject composed of private banks.

The third factor lies in the economic and financial policy of the European Union, which imposes loans at interest by granting the funds that individual nations have previously paid. Italy, which is a net contributor, thus finds itself having to anticipate billions on which it not only does not receive interest, but which are returned to it for usury as if they were not its own.

The fourth factor is due to the wretched fiscal policies of recent [Italian] administrations, on the peremptory order of the Troika, namely the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank, which are official creditors of the member countries. The substantial tax exemption of large financial and business groups and the harassment of small businesses are the basis of the progressive impoverishment of the country and the failure of many activities, with the consequent increase in unemployment and the creation of cheap labor. And let’s not forget that it is always the European Union that imposes the so-called reforms, based on a false narrative – think of global warming or overpopulation – with the blackmail of the loans it has made to member countries: gender equality and other horrors have been introduced into national legislations without any consultation of citizens, indeed knowing full well that they were against it.

Finally, the subversive action of the U.N. Agenda 2030 – that is, the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum – has as its declared purpose the transfer of the wealth of nations and individuals to large investment funds managed by the globalist mafia. This subversive operation must be denounced and prosecuted by the magistrates, because it constitutes a true silent coup against the community.

I would, however, like to point out that the economic aspect is only one means of achieving far more worrying goals, such as total control of the world’s population and its enslavement: if citizens are deprived of home ownership; if they are prevented from having freedom of enterprise; if endemic unemployment is caused and increased by uncontrolled immigration and health emergencies, reducing labor costs; if Italians are harassed with exorbitant taxes; if the traditional family is penalized by making it practically impossible for two young people to marry and have children; if education is destroyed beginning in elementary school and the cultural vacuum is created by frustrating the talent of individuals; if the history of our native land is cancelled and the glorious heritage that made Italy great is denied in the name of inclusiveness and the renunciation of our national identity, what can one expect, if not a society without a future, without hopes, without the desire to fight and engage?

In order to rebuild the social fabric, it is essential first of all to have awareness of the coup d’état that is currently in progress, carried out with the complicity of those who rule and the entire political class. Understanding that we have been robbed of our inalienable rights by an international criminal organization is the first, indispensable step to take. Once this is understood, especially by the healthy side of the institutions and the judiciary, it will be possible to try the traitors who made this silent coup possible, banishing them forever from the political scene. Obviously, Italy will have to regain its sovereignty, first of all by leaving the European Union.

A Manocchia: In this work of reconstruction, in which the Anti-Globalist Alliance you have initiated will play a decisive role, what will be the first initiatives to be launched?

Archbishop Viganò: It will be necessary to implement a far-sighted and wide-ranging project, which has as its purpose the intellectual, scientific, cultural, political and even religious formation of the future ruling class, endowing it with the capacity for critical judgment and firm moral references. Schools and foundations will have to be set up from which will emerge a ruling class of righteous citizens, honest rulers, and entrepreneurs who know how to reconcile the legitimate demands of profit with workers’ rights and consumer protection.

Those who hold public office, like every honest citizen, must be aware that they have responsibility before God for what they do, and that they must put the common good before personal interest, if they want to sanctify themselves in the role that the Lord has assigned to them and deserve paradise. We must educate children and young people in honesty, in a sense of duty and discipline, in the practice of the cardinal virtues as a coherent consequence of the theological virtues; in the responsibility of knowing that good and evil exist, and that our freedom consists in moving in the sphere of what is Good, because this is what God has willed for us. You are my friends, if you do what I command you, Our Lord said (Jn 15:14). And this also applies to public affairs, where morality has been replaced with corruption, seeking personal gain, the abuse of laws, the betrayal of citizens and cowardly enslavement to hostile powers. Let’s take an example from the allegory of good government, depicted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the halls of the Palazzo Comunale in Siena: we will find that simplicity of principles which inspired and guided the public authorities in the Italian municipalities [Comuni] of the fifteenth century.

A Manocchia: In Italy, the non-political culture of the last 50 years produced a corrupt ruling class, and now, perhaps precisely because of this, we have a totalitarian regime. Our beloved and wonderful country is undergoing the most negative effects in its history. It no longer seems to be a part of Europe or the West. The citizens, the individual people, no longer count for anything. Politicians first of all, then governments, and now entire nations are subservient to the diktats of the Globalist Agenda of the New World Order. In addition to the corruption mentioned above, is there any correlation with the fact that Italy was historically the cradle of Christianity and the center of the Catholic Church?

There are countries that do not tolerate Catholic nations being prosperous and competitive, independent and at peace, because this would be proof that it is possible to be good Christians, to have good and just laws, fair taxes, pro-family policies, prosperity and peace. There must be no term of comparison. This is why they want not only the misery of the population, but also its corruption, the ugliness of vices, the cynical selfishness of profit, the enslavement to the lowest passions. A people healthy in soul and body, free, independent and proud of its identity is fearsome, because it does not easily renounce what it is and does not allow itself to be subdued without reacting. A people who honor Christ as their King know that their rulers see themselves as His vicars, and not as despots obedient to those who enrich them or empower them.

Let us not forget that the French Revolution wrested the royal crown from Jesus Christ, setting up the alleged “rights of man and of the citizen” against the sovereign rights of God. Rights that, freed from respect for the natural moral law, now include abortion, euthanasia (even of the poor, as is the case today in Canada), marriage with people of the same sex, marriage with animals, and even marriage with inanimate things (you got it right: there are proposals for laws approving these things made by the 5 Stelle [Italian political party]), gender theory, LGBTQ ideology and all the worst that a society without principles and without faith can claim. The secularism of the state is not a conquest of civilization, but rather a deliberate choice of barbarization of the social body, on which the supposed neutrality of the government with regard to religion is imposed, which in fact is a religious choice of militant and anti-Catholic atheism. And where the manipulation of the masses fails to force them to make certain “reforms,” the blackmail of EU funds takes over, given only to those who obey EU diktats. In essence, they first destroy the economy and take away national monetary sovereignty and decision-making autonomy in fiscal and economic matters, and then tie aid to the acceptance of a corrupt and selfish model of society in which no honest person would want to live. “Europe asks us to do it!” – that is, a lobby of technocrats not elected by anyone and which is inspired by principles totally irreconcilable with the natural law and with the Catholic Faith.

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