VIOLENCE IS THEIR RELIGION: Abortion advocates in LA attack cops with rocks, smash squad car windows


by Ethan Huff, Natural News:

Violence erupted in Los Angeles after pro-abortion extremists stormed the streets in response to the leaked Supreme Court plan to overturn Roe v. Wade.

According to Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Chief Michel Moore, protesters swarmed Pershing Square and began throwing rocks at police officers. Some of them also smashed squad car windows, injuring one officer in the process.

“A segment of the group began to take the intersection,” Moore tweeted. “We attempted to communicate, clear and provide dispersal order to the group.”


“Crowd began to throw rocks and bottles at [officers],” he added. “We have one [officer] injured ([unknown] extent).”

An ambulance was called to the scene as photos and video footage of the violent incident began to circulate on social media.

Protesters were also seen toppling barriers and tagging graffiti outside the U.S. Courthouse at 350 W. 1st St. A tactical alert was issued to ensure enough resources for other service calls, though it was deactivated before 11 p.m.

Many pro-abortion rioters in LA were seen carrying communist flags

Journalist Andy Ngô also tweeted about the protest, which looked a whole lot like the George Floyd riots of mid-2020.

Calling the crowd a “mob” of “far-left pro-abortion rioters,” Ngô offered his followers a breakdown of what happened, along with video footage – see below:

Ian Miles Cheong also tweeted about the LAPD face-off with abortion-loving “communists,” since many in the violent mob were seen carrying communist flags.

All of this is quickly shaping up to be George Floyd 2.0, and in a mid-term election year, no less. Keep in mind that the Floyd riots also occurred during a critical election year.

“Electioneering is what Democrats call this,” wrote someone at Zero Hedge about how the leak appears staged, especially when considering the timing.

“A spontaneously (organized days ago) peaceful riot with zero consequences for the DemonRat organizers and paid ‘demonstrators,’” wrote another, adding to the sentiment. “The FBI will move in and seize all evidence and make it disappear.”

“The cops were triggered and ran away to a safe space where they could get three weeks paid leave while getting therapy in various brothels in Panama, Costa Rica and Laguna Beach,” this same commenter further joked, perhaps hitting a few more truths along the way.

Another asked why leftists in Los Angeles, which is at no risk of losing abortion services any time soon, are upset that they will not be able to get an abortion in North Dakota. And more importantly, why are they attacking local police over something the Supreme Court is slated to do at the federal level?

“That’s not the issue,” responded another. “The goal is to rally the Democratic Morons to show up in November. The election is no longer about the miserable job the Dems have been doing; it is now about Roe v. Wade. Get it?”

“To get even, the Court should release a statement that the current consensus is not to overturn R.v.W., regardless of where it really stands.”

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