Video: CNN Humpty Stelter Says Ministry Of Truth Is Just “Common Sense”


    by Steve Watson, Summit News:

    “When I Google this, all I see is Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth”

    During Potato time with Brian Stelter on CNN Monday, The Maris Pied Piper played a tune for his 90,000 viewers to let them know that The Department of Homeland Security setting up a ‘Ministry of Truth’ to decide what Americans can and can’t read is basic “common sense”.

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    Stelter wheeled on National Democratic Institute director Moira Whelan who claimed that the new ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ is merely a bureaucratic body designed to help people with “law enforcement,” and “emergency services like FEMA” being able to supply “accurate information about human rights abuses.”

    It’s totally not a way of controlling the narrative on social media and censoring opinions that the government doesn’t like.

    “There just has been a lot of right-wing uproar about what it is,” Stelter complained, adding “when I Google this, all I see is Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth, and they’re gonna—there’s this incredible backlash to something that sounds like a basic government bureaucracy.”

    He even held up his laptop to show everyone what he’d been Googling. Don’t look at it for too long.

    Journalist Glenn Greenwald commented on the segment noting that it displayed incredulous “historical ignorance, sheer stupidity and corporate-serving malevolence”.

    New Twitter owner Elon Musk commented on the so called Ministry of Truth Monday, and the fact that it’s going to be run by the most non-neutral person Biden could find:

    Musk also pointed out that if they have their way, the only information Americans will be allowed to receive will essentially be this:

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