Until the World Admits That COVID Was PLANNED GENOCIDE People Will Keep Dying Needlessly


by Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline:

I hate politics as much as the next guy, but since it’s my job I tend to follow it more closely than most. I’ve always had this keen ability to look “outside the matrix” because I spend way less time on addictions & distractions than most. I really hate to admit this but my addiction is now my work and has been for many years. It makes for a lonely existence at times but that is what God called me to do.

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I went blind just as Covid was starting to take hold. With God’s blessings I can now see again, but my life has been rough for 2 1/2 years. Prior to that it was scary but not like this. I’d gladly take the constant death threats again over being in my current predicament. I was certainly scared but I was FREE. Freedom is all any of us really require. We have to be free to make our own choices and live outside of government control. Happiness can not be achieved without freedom.

I was super smart as a kid and drank my way out of college. LOL I told you I have a history of addictions. But while I was in college I started to see what was happening to our culture and didn’t like it. They were slowly grinding us all down and prepping our graves folks. Once out of college I worked in factories between business ventures. When I started DC Clothesline I had finally found my calling.

I started that website when I got bored and thought I needed to chase a new calling. Later I was laid off from my factory job and wrote the article that made me famous, all over the world:

Soon after I was a full time blogger. That article produced tens of millions of views and had numerous videos made about it. I learned that there was another author named Dean Garrison and he was getting credit as the author. LOL I never made a dime from that article on the first printing. It was done on a free wordpress blog with no advertising. But it started a career that has introduced me to millions and millions of people, at least for a brief moment, all over the world. I am a writer who does not hold back the truth as I see it. That’s who I am and that is who I intend to stay.

With all of that said I made $356 last month, and have almost nothing left. I’m going through divorce and have spent almost everything I have to get my kids away from their drug addict mother. Enough of my story. Sorry I’m long-winded. LOL

First and foremost I want to look at one of the unofficial players in this big mess. Mr. Bill Gates. How is a computer genius and business genius suddenly a competent authority to speak on Covid?

To say that Bill Gates is a genocidal maniac is unproven, but certainly open for debate. The one things we do know is that the “haves” generally tend not to care much about the “have nots.”

Ever wonder why black Americans were being given priority over white Americans for covid jabs? The Democrat party pretends to stand for minorities but in truth they are intent on using them, and losing black people is no big deal to Democrats, they are just convenient lab rats.

Much like abortion, blacks are considered more expendable than whites. Sorry that’s very racist but that is how Democrats look at it folks.

The result? It’s considered less vital to lose lower class people that produce less than it is to lose those that produce more. So whether it be abortion or covid, they are always willing to risk black lives. Didn’t Bill Gates’ vaccines spread polio in Africa for the same purpose? It’s just science folks, they experiment on those that can afford to be lost.

Black people first because BLACK LIVES DON’T MATTER to the Elites. Sorry folks, that’s the truth. And that’s why I’m likely to be banned again from Facebook and maybe Twitter too, after today. LOL Ban me guys, I don’t care. I’ll find a way to get the truth out but I’m not rolling over.

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