Sweden and Finland: Tips of the Globalist Iceberg?


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

The applications tendered by Sweden and Finland to join NATO form a narrow point of focus that has transfixed the world’s attention. The applications are the latest attempts at a steadily-continuing encroachment over the past three decades, since the official dissolution of the Soviet Union back in 1992. Should Ukraine join NATO, it would serve as the coup de grace, marking the crossing of a line that Russia has spelled out in no uncertain terms.

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On December 20, 2021, Maria Zakharova, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, warned that the admission of Ukraine into NATO’s ranks was “unacceptable” and that Russia was concerned about NATO closing in on its borders. Others have said it would lead to war.  

As can be seen on any map that documents the growth of NATO, it has expanded dramatically. Many nations that were once either satellite states, such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, or in the Warsaw Pact Bloc, such as Poland and Romania, are now an active part of NATO. Skeptics dismiss such facts as not being “valid” reasons for Russia to invade Ukraine.

Perhaps the picture is “incomplete” for them. 

Let’s fill in some of the blanks.

Just prior to the Soviet Union’s breakup, a meeting occurred between the U.S. Secretary of State James Baker and Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. Here is an excerpt from that meeting, in Baker’s words. Please take note of the highlighted part of the last sentence:

We understand that not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.”   

Clearly, George H.W. Bush and all subsequent presidential administrations did not adhere to the promises made…repeatedly…to Gorbachev and the Soviets. Since the Cold War ended, these Eastern European nations joined NATO on these dates:

  • 1999 Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland
  • 2004 Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
  • 2009 Albania, Croatia
  • 2017 Montenegro
  • 2020 North Macedonia

Fourteen nations in all, and all of them either functioning within the Warsaw Pact or aligned with it. In 1990 (as referenced above) and 1991, repeated assurances were given by the United States that no NATO enlargement would occur. Now look at those countries on the map, and it’s easy to see the point:

The assurances were lies, and the encroachment was incremental and intentional.

The Western Consumer-Marketing “model,” if successful, would have ruined Russia and exploited its natural resources, as the corporations were intent on doing. For almost a decade, they ran rampant, until Putin, a hardline KGB officer and operative, took the reins. Nationalizing all of the big industries, he handed them off to trusted insiders, creating a new oligarchy. Simultaneously, he inserted communist party leaders into ministerial positions in his cabinet and government.

Dividing the power between the oligarchs and party hardliners, he insisted that neither crossed over into the domain of the other. With himself as the “head,” in essence, he created a three-part system of rule over Russia, leaving himself as the sole arbiter with any disputes arising.

The Soviet Union never fell: it merely changed its face and form.

Let’s dig deeper. Viktor Yanukovych served as Ukraine’s president from 2010 until 2014 when he was ousted in a coup d’état by Maidan revolutionaries. Maidan was financed and influenced by none other than George Soros through his NGO, the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF). Soros met with then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt to outline plans for Ukraine’s “transition.”

The coup was orchestrated with behind-the-scenes assistance by Hilary Clinton and Victoria Nuland. Yanukovych fled to Moscow, and shortly thereafter, Artseniy Yatsenuk was installed by the Obama administration. Russia took Crimea in 2014. The reason: Sevastopol. This port city is the naval base of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, and Russia was not going to allow Ukraine to have it when the “lease” for it expired.

Readers, let there be no misconceptions here. 

While not condoning Russia’s invasion, I understand it completely, meaning the reasons behind it. After World War II, the Nazis were removed from positions of power. Not so in the Soviet Union. As outlined, the oligarchy changed hands, as did the most prominent leaders, but the structure remained intact under the guise of democracy. Now it is one step away from being the USSR again.

For deeper clarification on this, I highly recommend reading any of the works of J. R. Nyquist, especially The Origins of the Fourth World War, as well as the book The Colder War by Marin Katusa. You’ll be amazed at what you find.

The Soviet Union lost 20 million people in World War II. Ukraine had long been the gateway to the USSR, as well as being its “breadbasket,” producing the majority of its grains and agricultural staples. The fertile soil of Ukraine, coupled with its rich supplies of minerals and its access to the Black Sea, made it an area of vital economic importance to the Soviet Union.

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In addition to the economic and agricultural factors mentioned, there are several immediate military problems Ukraine presents for Russia:

1. The Black Sea Fleet, as mentioned earlier, and the strategic location of Sevastopol in relation to the straits of the Bosphorus, controlled by Turkey (located at its city of Istanbul). This channel enables the Russian Fleet to enter the Mediterranean Sea.

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