New Bill to Fine Parents of Unvaxxed Kids, Double Income Tax for Refusing COVID Jab & Boosters


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Periodically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) releases the new information on reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The number of reports are at historical levels and more deaths and adverse events have been reported than ever before.

The most current numbers from the CDC came out on April 15, 2022. The most recent numbers consist of 1,470,419 total adverse events, including 50,700 reports of permanent disability post vaccination, 30,579 life threatening events, 151,219 hospitalizations, 1,049 birth defects, and 27,349 reported deaths.

It is true that the CDC notes that “VAERS reports alone cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or illness,” however, the sheer number of reports alone should raise a red flag.


While we are told by officials not to be concerned with this data, if we compare it to previous data, the recommendation to ignore it becomes utterly asinine. Prior to the Emergency Use Authorization of the covid jabs in December of 2020, in the entire history of VAERS, there had only been 930,953 adverse events reported over the course of 32 years.

In just 15 months, however, there have been a nearly 1.5 million reports — a number that massively eclipses all previous reports — and all of them are for the covid vaccines.

Let that sink in… there have been 150% more reported adverse events for a single vaccine in the last 15 months than have ever been reported in the history of VAERS — for ALL vaccines.

Naturally, this makes many folks skeptical and they weigh their risks as a healthy person and abstain from taking the jab or take the jab if they want to do so. It is their choice and it should be respected. As we’ve seen over the past two years, however, respect for personal medical decisions is something that many in the government are refusing to give.

In one of the most egregious acts of vaccine bullying we’ve seen to date, lawmakers in Rhode Island are trying to ram through a bill that will fine those who refuse to take the covid vaccine and its boosters, $50 per month of non-compliance. Frequent readers of TFTP know what happens when you don’t pay a fine and it doesn’t end well.

But the fine is just the tip of the iceberg. On top of the $50 monthly fine, those who refuse to take the jab and its boosters will also be forced to pay double the state income tax.

Anybody who violates the order “shall owe twice the amount of personal income taxes” to the state, according to S 2552.

Senator Samuel W. Bell, the first member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) to be elected in Rhode Island, proposed the bill, which also targets parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.

This act would mandate all residents sixteen (16) years or older to be vaccinated against COVID-19. If a resident is under sixteen (16) years of age the resident would be required to be immunized against COVID-19, with the responsibility for ensuring compliance falling on all parents or guardians with medical consent powers.

Additionally any person who violates this chapter would be required to pay a monthly civil penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) and would owe twice the amount of personal income taxes.

“The reason I introduced the bill is we have a crisis with the pandemic,” Bell told the Boston Globe. “Thousands of Rhode Islander have died. I’ve had really painful calls from constituents who can’t go to the store because they’re immuno-compromised, who have lost loved ones to this pandemic, who are really ill and not fully recovered, suffering long-term effects.”

Tragically, Bell has a 4-month-old son with an interstitial lung disease, which puts him at serious risk of complications and even death if he contracts a respiratory infection. This is extremely unfortunate and Bell should take every precaution to ensure his son lives a long and happy life.

But instead of taking personal responsibility and protecting his son himself, Bell is abusing his political power to force other children to take a vaccine because he thinks that is his right.

“My son’s condition has made me feel more compassionate and ready for the heavy level of abuse I knew I’d receive,” he said. “I love my son more than I can put into words, and the idea of him not being able to interact with people and to go to school – those things terrify me. And I’m not the only parent of a child with a serious immune condition.”

While most fathers would do anything to protect their child, when you move to placing other children in harm’s way to protect your own, you are no longer righteous in your endeavor — which is why Bell has been receiving death threats for this legislation.

Plain and simple, the vaccine is not risk free, especially for children.

This is why the FDA hasn’t authorized the jab for children under 5 and why the Florida Surgeon General, Joseph Ladapo officially recommended against vaccinating healthy children as they have an extremely low risk of complications from covid.

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