Joe Biden Wants Everyone Connected to a Better, More Efficient, Internet System


    from The Conservative Treehouse:

    Comrades, the Ministry of Citizen Privacy cares about your on-line freedoms, accesses and privacy.

    Dear Leader cares about your ability to connect efficiently to the government monitoring, surveillance and geolocation tracking services.

    There is nothing nefarious about the U.S. surveillance state wanting to make surveillance more efficient. Nothing nefarious at all {GO DEEP}.

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    Do not be discouraged by those extremist voices outlining the benefits to government that are provided by a wider, more inclusive, national broadband internet system; that connects to a more efficient 5G internet system; that permits you to experience a new world of telecommunications benefits tailored to your individual needs.

    The new network of all things interconnected will make life far more convenient, perhaps allowing you to eliminate the worry of finding gasoline in rural areas when it becomes scarce.  Our new national networks will help ease your mind as the internet proximity services work seamlessly with your portable transponder unit (cell phone) to facilitate your needs.

    The convenience of finding stuff you need; intersecting with voting and data-connections with your social media network; helping the government track you; all of it.  The opportunities are endless my friends.  Smiles, everyone, smiles.


    All snark aside, I hope by now everyone -yes, even the skeptics- are wide-eyed enough to see the direction of telecommunications travel, and how tracking, monitoring and free market conveniences mesh beautifully with the surveillance state.  {GO DEEP}  My friends, this is all one very long continuum we have been traveling – and you are the select few who can see the destination.

    I must say I admire how the Fourth Branch is closing the gap on the less connected population by using capitalism instead of direct government creation.  It’s simply brilliant.

    Instead of the government building the surveillance hardware directly, the government will subsidize internet payments to individuals who will then ask the telecommunications operators to build the surveillance hardware.

    Instead of Joe Biden giving AT&T several billion dollars to build the national monitoring system, instead he gives several billion dollars to the citizens in underserved communities, via subsidy payments to AT&T.  The telecommunications control agents then build out more technological capacity that then flows into the government database.

    Instead of the government building the pipes that tunnel into your home, the government gives you the money to pay the contracted pipelayer for the benefit of having the tunnel built into your home.  It’s a fantastic use of the public-private partnership and yet few people can see what lays at the end of the interconnected system.

    {AGAIN, Go Deep}

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