Five Major Stories You’re Being Distracted From While Roe V. Wade Dominates Headlines


by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Once again like clockwork, Americans are embattled in tribalistic bickering pitting one against another, fueled by emotion and pre-programmed partisan talking points. At each other’s throats serving up yet another piping hot plate of divide and conquer while the predator class make off like bandits. Cue the latest distraction.

The timing seems impeccable, does it not? That the worst security breach the history of the United States Supreme Court, leaking a draft opinion weeks ahead of any actual verdict of such a major case, causing such an uproar at a juncture when so many pivotal events are unfolding?


Of course coincidental timing does not always denote that two things are correlated. However, as we all know by now, the corporate media will not yield from an opportunity to twist the narrative of a crisis to fit their agendas.

To be clear, that is not to undercut the importance of the current debate. Unlike many other arbitrary distractions, the consequences of this particular circumstance will in fact affect all of us.

Irony has it that both sides have traded banners yet again. Many of the individuals who just spent two years clamoring for the government to respect bodily autonomy and the right not to receive an experimental injection, are now cheering the state potentially stripping away the bodily autonomy of pregnant women.

And vice versa, those who just spent two years demanding everyone undergo an experimental injection, are suddenly appalled by the idea that individuals are not allowed to do as they desire with their own bodies.

America appears to hopscotch from one polarized issue to the next, wholly abandoning the previous for “the next new thing”, oblivious to the severe degree of psychological control they are under.

Despite the fact that hypocrisies, double standards, and cognitive dissonance are rife among circles hotly enthralled by “the new new thing”, when it comes right down to it, bodily autonomy is a human right. The state has no business telling people what they can or cannot do with their bodies, including stopping individuals from undergoing voluntary medical procedures if they so desire. That business is solely between an individual and their primary care provider. Period.

Surely there is nuance to be considered, with valid points as well as contradictions that either side refuse to recognize. Civil discourse and logical reasoning is lost when people become so polarized they trap themselves inside of an echo chamber. All points become moot when people listen to respond, rather than listen to understand.

Whilst the false left–right paradigm may argue back and forth, countering one hypocrisy with another does not create a valid argument. There is a desperate need for logical consistency.

That is the epitome of American sociopolitical discourse. And the reason why the abortion debate will likely never come to a definitive end.

That said, everything comes back to individual sovereignty. And allowing the state any leeway to infringe upon it will only set a precedent that is sure to have disastrous consequences.

Concurrently, there is a larger case to be made regarding the fallibility of the Constitution, or the legitimacy of the Supreme Court at all; How a 200 year old piece of paper has utterly failed to prevent, or outright allowed for, the tyrannies that any of us may face on a regular basis. Including, in this case, its inability to protect the natural right of individual sovereignty.

Or the inherent fallacy in the idea that a group of nine individuals in ridiculous costumes may somehow dictate what rights we do or do not have. But that’s a different conversation for a different time.

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