FDA Says CRISPR Gene Edited Cattle Safe For Human Consumption


from Great Game India:

Cattle created using CRISPR Gene Editing produced by Acciligen, have been declared safe for human consumption by the FDA.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that short-haired cattle created using CRISPR gene-editing technology are safe to eat. The PRLR-SLICK calves were the first to earn an FDA “low-risk determination for enforcement discretion” after the agency found that the two genome-edited bovine’s intentional genomic alteration (IGA) does not pose any safety risks.

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The cows, developed by Acciligen with climate change in mind, have a genetic feature that gives them a short, sleek coat that is supposed to assist the animals cope better with hot temperatures. Because of the FDA’s low-risk decision, Acciligen, a “precision breeding” company, is unlikely to seek regulatory permission before releasing cattle products.

The FDA took years to evaluate the two other genetically modified animals allowed for human consumption: a faster-growing salmon and a pig that the agency found was safe for those with meat allergies to eat. The FDA highlighted that gene-editing results in the same slick-hair feature seen in cattle in conventional agriculture, therefore the review process for the CRISPR beef cattle took less than a year. Steven Solomon, director of the FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine, remarked of the approval on March 7, 2022:

“We expect that our decision will encourage other developers to bring animal biotechnology products forward for the FDA’s risk determination in this rapidly developing field, paving the way for animals containing low-risk IGAs (intentional genomic alterations) to more efficiently reach the marketplace.”

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