EXCLUSIVE FINDING: Patterns Identified in New Mexico Voter Rolls Are Not Consistent with Random, Human Behavior – What’s Going On?


    by Joe Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    The team in New Mexico auditing the 2020 Election identified a pattern that is not random and not at all expected.  Another day, another election issue with the 2020 Election identified.

    The audit team in New Mexico identified chain of custody issues with ballots in the 2020 Election similar to what we have seen across the nation.

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    The New Mexico audit team also identified issues with the voting systems used in the state where they are equipped with printers that can fill in the ballots.

    The audit team in New Mexico also identified another significant issue.  This team identified a pattern in the state’s voter registries that should not be there.   These patterns indicate that manipulated and corrupt voter rolls are being used in the state.

    (The following comes from Erin Clements, a key member of the New Mexico audit team.)

    The daily registrations in the voter registration database in New Mexico have ridiculously consistent patterns from county to county. They seem to be injected according to an algorithm that controls the number injected each day which is scaled for the population of the counties.

    Here is the daily registration pattern for Otero County along with the approximate dates that the state joined the voter registration system ERIC, gave the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) write-access to our rolls, and our Secretary of State (SOS) gave Rock the Vote enhanced access to bypass her website when registering voters. You can see that there is a dramatic increase in the amount of manipulation starting in 2018. There are also no times when voters aren’t being registered even though until 2020 we had a state statute that required the rolls to be shut down during elections:

    Now here’s Otero County’s daily registrations (a mid-size red county), next to Bernalillo County (a huge, blue county). The patterns are exactly the same, but Bernalillo is scaled up for its larger population:

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