White House: Sex Changes For Kids Are ‘Life Saving,’ States Banning Operations Will Be ‘Held Accountable’


by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

The White House said Thursday that sex change surgeries for children are “life saving” and threatened that the Department of Justice will hold states “accountable” for allegedly violating the Constitution by banning the macabre procedures.

From The Daily Caller, “Psaki Says Administration Will Hold States ‘Accountable’ For Outlawing ‘Life-Saving’ Sex Change Surgeries For Kids”:

The Alabama legislature passed legislation Thursday criminalizing gender reassignment and other related procedures for minors, including puberty blockers and hormone treatments, with a threat of up to 10 years imprisonment, according to Reuters. The press secretary said Alabama’s legislation, which awaits passage by the governor, is intended to “harm kids.”

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“Republican elected officials are engaging in a disturbing, cynical trend of attacking vulnerable, transgender kids for purely partisan, political reasons,” the press secretary said. “Today in Alabama, instead of focusing on critical kitchen table issues, like the economy, COVID, or addressing the country’s mental health crisis, Republican lawmakers are currently debating legislation that among many things, will target trans youth with tactics that threaten to put pediatricians in prison if they provide medically necessary, life-saving healthcare for the kids they serve.”

The press secretary also announced that “lawmakers and other legislators who are contemplating these discriminatory bills have been put on notice by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)” and said that outlawing sex reassignment, puberty blockers and hormone treatments for children by medical professionals “may violate the Constitution and federal law.”

She also claimed that all major medical associations agree that these treatments are the “best practice” and are “potentially life saving” to children identifying as transgender and therefore should not fear that their parents or medical professional could be imprisoned for “helping them and loving them.”

“President Biden has committed in both words and actions to fight for all Americans and will not hesitate to hold these states accountable,” she said.

The HHS endorsed gender reassignment surgeries for children to “support the mental health of transgender children” in celebration of Transgender Visibility Day.

HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said Wednesday he will do “everything [he] can” to ensure children can get sex changes.

HHS Assistant Secretary “Rachel” Levine endorsed sex changes for children and the drugging of children with puberty blockers before being confirmed by the Senate.

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