Plane Crashes Near General Mills Food Plant Amid Outbreak Of Fires In Food Processing Facilities Across The Nation


    by Alicia Powe, The Gateway Pundit:

    A small plane killed two people as it crashed near a General Mills plant in Georgia on Thursday night.

    The plane reportedly exploded on impact and came close to demolishing the cereal manufacturer’s facility.

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    Obviously this was a devastating crash and there are no survivors,” Covington police Capt. Ken Malcolm told the press following the collision. “We are working on a lead to determine who the victims were in the crash.”

    “According to witnesses, they believe the plane was having trouble gaining altitude. They could hear that there was engine trouble,” he continued. “Suddenly the plane veered to the right and immediately came straight down and crashed into the lot behind us. This is the General Mills plant that produces cereal here in our area. The plane went down in an isolated area here on the lot behind us in an area where they store tractor-trailers. The plane came down into four, what appear to be empty, trailers.”

    “The fact that it didn’t crash into the plant, saved many lives,” Malcolm added. “Our job is to contain the scene, turn over the scene to the [Federal Aviation Administration].”

    General Mills issued a statement following the incident, assuring, “No employees were harmed and we’re partnering with the FAA and local law enforcement.”

    According to law enforcement officials, the aircraft, a Cessna twin-engine plane, crashed approximately 35 miles east of Atlanta in an isolated parking lot near an industrial plant off Interstate 20, nearly demolishing the General Mills plant.

    The FAA issued a statement noting that the incident is undergoing investigation.

    The plane crashed at around 7 pm, the FAA confirmed, adding, “We don’t have additional information at this time.”

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