‘Monumental provocation’: How US and international policy-makers deliberately baited Putin to war


    by Patrick Delaney, LifeSite News:

    ‘The neocons bring chaos, the end of civilization and institutional organized crime which destroys people, civic infrastructure, and culture. They’re like a whirling dervish of demonic force,’ said former Bush official Catherine Austin Fitts.

    When the compounding disaster of Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine was inflicted upon the people of that nation, much of the world was rightly outraged by what it apprehended to be a sudden military assault by a regional bully upon a lesser power.

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    Amid the saturating media coverage of the tragedy came the repeated talking point assertion that this Russian incursion was “unprovoked.” Right off the bat, in his initial February 23 press release and then in his March 1 State of the Union address, Joe Biden set the tone utilizing this term which has been regularly repeated throughout the media even six weeks into the war.

    Yet, upon a detailed analysis, this tall-tale ranks in its audacity with the impressively coordinated media lies that the 2020 revelations regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop were “Russian disinformation,” that Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, and that the riot at the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021 was an “armed insurrection” by “domestic terrorists.”

    A prolonged war is always of great concern to Christians and pro-lifers around the world, who naturally are attempting to understand the key issues at play in this conflict.

    With the real threat of nuclear war in the balance, what is also discovered is a powerful network of policy influencers and office holders who have made continual deliberate decisions for at least 25 years to provoke a military response from Russia through, 1.) a relentless expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), 2.) the facilitating of a violent overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected government in 2014, 3.) persistent military attacks upon ethnic Russians in the Donbass region of the country, and finally, 4.) a cascade of reckless diplomatic and military provocations following the installation of the Joe Biden administration in 2021.

    And much of this has been no secret.

    ‘The West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path, and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked’

    Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989-1991, many foreign policy experts in the West have urgently warned that eastward expansion of NATO was a needless provocation that would inevitably lead to a military response from Russia, as we are now disastrously experiencing today in Ukraine.

    As of April 5 and since the February 24 invasion, the UN’s International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that over 7.1 million people have been internally displaced in the nation and 4.3 million more have become refugees in countries like Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, and Russia to the east. The UN Human Rights Office reports 1,954 civilian deaths in both the east and the western portions of the country including the deaths of at least 61 children. Of course, we see images of bombed and burned-out buildings and hear reports of a smashed economy and humanitarian crisis as well.

    But for many close observers, including academics, foreign policy experts, diplomats and military leaders, these results were fully predictable.

    In a viral video clip of a 2015 lecture, Dr. John Mearsheimer, a distinguished political science professor at the University of Chicago, predicted the eventuality of the current ruinous war with certitude. “I actually think that what’s going on here is that the West is leading Ukraine down the primrose path, and the end result is that Ukraine is going to get wrecked,” he said.

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