From Paris to Karachi – Regime Change is In the Air


by Tom Luongo, Tom Luongo:

There is nothing good about war. On this point all civilized people can agree. So, those that support the ‘current thing’ can stop reading right about….


But one of the things war does is expose everyone’s real intentions. Even though the first casualty of war is the truth, nothing clears the air more than than troops and tanks crossing political borders and forcing people to react to such a thing.

Since the beginning of Russia’s “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine, nee invasion, there’s been an acceleration of every conflicting agenda on the world stage, with mixed results for all involved, including Russia.


As I’ve talked about at length, this is a conflict of existential proportions for every major player. From the Neocons in the US/UK foreign policy establishment to Davos and the EU, from the terminally corrupt grifters in Congress to Putin’s inner circle in the Kremlin.

Ukraine represents the battlefield which will determine the outcome of World War III.

It’s both the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega.

Because of this political leaders around the world are under the kind of pressure which will define them.

Some will rise to the challenge, others wilt under the glare of the klieg lights .

Regime change is in the air all around the world either from the ground up as populations express their frustration with leadership intent on not serving their needs or from the top down as political elites attempt to retain control or open up new fronts without openly declaring war.

Like the Russian intervention into Syria in October 2015, this invasion of Ukraine also exposes a great deal of the lies and motivations behind those lies for the tensions leading up to it.

Think back to 2015 for a minute. All year long we were told that ISIS was too strong for anyone to really contain. We held Senate hearings on this. A new caliphate was rising in the eastern part of the country. These radicals just sprang up seemingly out of holes in the ground to overrun the Syrian army and begin knocking on the door to Assad’s presidential palace in Damascus.

Russia chose to intervene in Syria after Vladimir Putin’s speech at the UN General Assembly two days prior, where he asked the West, “Do you realize what you have done?” By bringing in air support and precision bombing Russia proved to all the world that ISIS wasn’t unbeatable, it was the exact opposite, a paper tiger created by virtual newspapers.

And that raised the simple question, if a few dozen Russian planes running sortie after sortie can turn the tide in this war in a matter of weeks why couldn’t the US Air Force do the same thing? It’s not like anyone at the time thought the Russian air force superior to that of the US, so what in the holy hell was going on?

Clearly, at that point Occam’s Razor applies and you have your answer, the US was turning a blind eye to ISIS’s rampage and likely assisting it in operations against the Syrian Arab Army.

After all President Obama in 2013 tried to form a new “coalition of the willing” to oust Assad from power after a false flag chemical weapons attack which never formed when the British parliament defied Prime Minister David Cameron and refused to join Obama’s invasion.

Putin negotiated a a face-saving compromise which saw Assad give up his stockpile of chemical weapons and his reward was three months later a coup in Ukraine which brought down corrupt President Viktor Yanukovich. This led to the current state of affairs with the Donbass declaring independence sparking a civil war and the Russians allowing Crimea to join the Russian Federation of its (mostly) own free will.

So, fast forward to today and shouldn’t we be asking the same questions about the war in Ukraine itself?

To even casual observers of this conflict, whether we agree or disagree with Russia’s red lines over NATO’s intentions or Ukraine’s right to ‘self-determination,’ there was clearly a relatively peaceful outcome on the table should both sides have been willing to deal honestly about it.

So why didn’t it happen? Why are we here? Again I refer you to the existential threats to various people, groups and countries for whom Ukraine represents something bigger than just Ukraine itself.

Moreover, today we are clearly not allowed to raise these questions. If you do then the Thought Police come in to take away your Twitter account or worse.

We are seven years advanced from those halcyon days of being able to take in information and discuss it and draw our own conclusions.

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