BREAKING: Pfizer Documents Released By Court Order Show 3.7% Death Rate From Vaccine, Many More Serious Injuries.. And An EXTENSIVE Cover-Up


    from En Volve:

    According to documents released through court order, 3.7% of the cases Pfizer looked at for ‘adverse events’ died, and Pfizer prevented all the data being released – so at this time it is impossible to tell the exact death rate – the bottom line is this is a mass murder event.

    Dr. Naomi Wolf has been going through the tens of thousands of pages of documents a Federal court forced Pfizer to release from its FDA submission for Covid-19 mRNA vaccine approval.

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    She released the data on War Room Pandemic this morning.

    Shockingly, the initial data showed a death rate of 3.7% with a much higher rate of serious injury.

    In other words, with 100M people vaccinated in the United States, there have been almost four million deaths and millions beset with life-altering injuries.

    The amount of vaccines shipped by Pfizer was redacted in the documents.

    This is the government, Pfizer, and the CCP working to commit mass murder against the America people. There is no denying this now.

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