Truck Driver Warns ANP Why It’s Only Going To Get Worse – Freedom Convoy Proves Globalists Think God And Country Are ‘Extremist’, Along With Freedom And ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ By John Denver


by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

Before we begin this story, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the truck drivers all across America who not only bring food and supplies to the American people every day but who are now standing up in huge numbers to encroaching tyranny. Yet according to this Sunday story over at the Baltimore sun (saved at, that ‘protest‘ was largely being carried out by ‘extremists’ that was now camping out in the state of Maryland.

Quite literally reporting in that story that these ‘extremists‘ were ‘proudly flying signs and banners‘ while highlighting such ‘extremist topics’ as ‘The Bible’, with the story reporting one woman went so far as to hand out free copies of the Bible to those who wanted it, the story also reported those attendants were doing such ‘radical’ things as dressing in red-white-and-blue beanies, waving pro-America flags and pro-America banners and, God forbid, blaring John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads”, from the cabs of their trucks.


Also reporting within that story that so-called ‘extremism researchers‘ who’ve been following this ‘extremist movement‘ say the demonstrators’ hostility toward the vaccines is just one of several anti-government, right-wing beliefs that they espouse, that Baltimore Sun story’s editors should be asking themselves, when did being pro-America and pro-freedom become the positions of ‘extremists‘?

And while we here at ANP warned back on February 23rd in this story titled “‘The Fuse Has Been Lit’: Antifa Joining Freedom Convoy To Cause Mayhem, Further Demonizing Patriots, With ‘Bank Account Seizures And Mass Arrests Carried Out’ US Marine Warns” that a massive false flag that dwarfs the false flag the deep state set up on January 6th was potentially in the works with antifa joining these convoys, today should be the first day The Freedom Convoy gets its message out, with a promise from the convoys organizers they’ll be ‘going around and around the Capitol Beltway‘ until their demands are met.

With myself having been ‘around and around the Capitol Beltway‘ at least 1,000 times in my life having worked in Washington DC and all of the surrounding counties for 20+ years before I came to my senses almost a decade ago now and made it out to the absolutely lovely Western MD mountains with Susan Duclos I can assure you, the Beltway is absolute hell on most any NORMAL working day. Throw a truckers convoy into the mix and you can imagine what they’ll get in the DC/Baltimore areas; gridlock.

And while not anywhere near matching the gridlock we’ve gotten from a government that is supposed to SERVE the American people over the past 30+ years but hasn’t, we can assure you, what these heroic truckers are doing will be noticed by the people of the region, even though they’ll likely continue to be ignored by US politicians punch-drunk with war on the burners. From this Baltimore Sun story.:

The “People’s Convoy,” a group of hundreds of trucks, cars and SUVs protesting the government’s response to the pandemic, plans to leave the Hagerstown Speedway on Monday about 9:30 a.m. and head to the Capital Beltway for a second day of demonstrations in the D.C. area, an organizer said. 

Organizer Brian Brase said the group, which circled the Beltway twice on Sunday, aimed to loop around once Monday. He said the group plans to occupy two lanes instead of one as an “escalation.” They will drive the minimum legal speed limit, he said. 

Authorities across the D.C. region have monitored the group and warned drivers about potential traffic problems in coming days. Some officials have encouraged drivers to avoid the Beltway when possible. 

The group plans to stay at the speedway until “at least” Saturday, Brase said, adding that “hopefully this is all over by Wednesday.” He did not disclose the group’s plans for the rest of the week. 

Many of the protesters in Hagerstown on Saturday had made a 2,500-mile journey from Southern California, while others joined the effort during the journey.

The group says it wants to hold lawmakers accountable for the government’s pandemic responses. 

Many described frustrations with workplace vaccine mandates and other measures meant to limit the spread of the coronavirus — even though those rules have been lifted in many places. At the speedway, the crowds displayed support for former President Donald Trump and disdain for President Joe Biden.  

Brase again said the group is coordinating with local law enforcement to avoid impeding traffic, while also acknowledging that “obviously there’s a natural disturbance. We’re hoping one lap by two lanes so we get back here sooner before rush hour or anything like that.”  

The plan comes after a demonstration Sunday, where the convoy looped the Beltway twice. Brase called it a “success,” saying that the group stretched the entirety of the Beltway.

“Our lead truck met up with the last vehicle,” Brase said. “That made us about 65 miles long.”  

ANP was recently contacted by ‘Matthew‘, a reader who is a driver/operator in the trucking industry and has been for almost 30 years now. Warning us that he sees something incredibly sinister at play with the way truckers are being treated all across the country, his warning also contains a warning for every person reading this story; when gas prices go up, prices on EVERYTHING go up along with it!

And with gas prices under Joe Biden jumping HUGELY over the past few days all across America, and sure to get much worse as war continues overseas with the very real possibility it’ll even come here to America once things reach a critical stage, this email from Matthew tells us what’s not being reported in the mainstream media nor many independent news outlets.:

Something to look into, these major truckstop chains are jumping fuel prices sky high. For instance, I’m in Tuscumbia AL. Major Truckstop chain Love’s is $5.09 a gallon. Not even 5 miles down the road a local company is $4.35 a gallon. How do these major chains justify a 74 cent difference? 

They have their own trucks and they’re buying in bulk. Something is not right. Hopefully someone reads this and takes it seriously. These big companies are price gouging our transportation industry. This keeps going and they will crash our country! 

 I have a lot of strong opinions about the train wreck our country is facing but I’m more focused on a small portion of what’s really hurting the working men and women trying to survive. Fuel prices directly affect every person in this country! Raise fuel prices everything transported by truck goes up. 

I don’t see anyone talking about these major chains raising fuel prices sky high. Most of these major chains buy in extreme bulk, they have there own transportation there overhead is much much lower than the small town shop down the road. So how do the major chains justify the $0.30- $0.80 a gallon difference? 

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