The Ugly Truth of US Biowarfare in Ukraine and Beyond


    by Matthew Ehret, The Duran:

    In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung talk to Jeff J. Brown, author, co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of the Global Online Library (BWTC-GOL).

    During this interview Jeff provides an overview of biowarfare in the 20th century from the dark days of WWI to the Pentagon’s acquisition of Unit 731 Japanese biological warfare specialists in the wake of WWII. Examples of US/UK abuses of biological warfare in defiance of international laws is also discussed leading us into the heated topic of today’s 13+ Pentagon-managed biolabs in Ukraine which have been a cause of major concern for Russian leadership for years. Jeff additionally takes us through China’s similar concerns with US biolabs littered throughout Asia and much of Africa.

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