TECHNOCRACY: Biden’s Science Policy is Dictated by Billionaire Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt


    by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

    Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been revealed as wielding a significant amount of power over the Biden regime’s science and technology policy at a time in which the bureaucracy is taking unprecedented power over the country with COVID-19 used as the excuse.

    A Politico exposé showed that Schmidt funded several employees in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy through his Schmidt Futures charity front. This included current chief of staff, Marc Aidinoff, and Tom Kalil, who was forced to depart from the office after ethics complaints.

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    Schmidt Futures claims that their work is designed to “focus and mobilize…networks of talent to solve specific problems in science and society.” But a closer examination of their efforts show a glorified influence-peddling operation by an oligarch hoping to seize governmental power to bring about technocracy.

    Internal emails from Politico show that the former general counsel for the White House science office, Rachel Wallace, said that the meddling by Schmidt Futures caused “significant” ethical concerns, considering Schmidt’s financial portfolio that is heavily invested in science-related businesses.

    Schmidt remains heavily invested in the tech industry despite leaving Google and their parent company Alphabet in 2020. He sits on the boards of many different tech entities, particularly ones that are influential in developing artificial intelligence.

    After Wallace blew the whistle about Schmidt’s potentially illicit behavior, she was allegedly harassed by Schmidt’s goons inside of the bureaucracy. Eric Lander, Biden’s former science adviser, reportedly bullied her resulting in a formal complaint. This was substantiated with “credible evidence” presented publicly in a Politico report, resulting in Lander’s eventual resignation.

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