Russia rolls out blatant copy of McDonald’s after Golden Arches abandons the country


from WND:

As American fast-food chains disengage from the Russian market, Russian business people are apparently developing their own indigenous McDonald’s ripoff.

“Uncle Vanya,” as the Russian restaurant’s name goes, features a logo similar to McDonald’s, a copy of the logo attached to a trademark filing the chain’s proprietors submitted to the Russian government March 12 shows, according to Business Insider.

The color scheme appears very similar, if not precisely the same, as McDonald’s red and yellow. The logo features the letter ‘В’ from the Cyrillic alphabet, which has a similar pronunciation as ‘V’ in English. Below that is the name “Uncle Vanya” spelled out in Cyrillic.


According to the New York Post, the “application appeared online after Russian officials indicated they remove patent protections for companies linked to countries deemed hostile to Russia — a response to crippling international sanctions and a mass exodus of Western companies in response to the Ukraine invasion.”

So, in a world where China has established a global, unsavory reputation for violating protections for intellectual property (a reputation the Trump administration tried to do something about), Russia is making a new name for itself as well — and the “Uncle Vanya’s” logo is a case in point.

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