Pfizer CEO roasted on social media after claiming 4th COVID shot is ‘necessary’


by Jack Bingham, LifeSite News:

‘It is necessary for most’ people to receive a fourth dose of Pfizer’s mRNA jab, said Bourla.
Pfizer’s CEO is facing mockery after he announced that a 4th COVID shot is “necessary” due to the injection’s waning immunity.

During an interview of CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla announced that “most people” will need a fourth experimental COVID-19 injection, while admitting that his company’s shot does not provide long-lasting immunity against the highly survivable coronavirus.  


Right now, the protection that you’re getting from the third [shot], it is good enough — actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths — it’s not that good against infections, but doesn’t last very long,” Bourla said, adding that “it is necessary for most” people to receive a fourth dose of Pfizer’s mRNA jab. Data has shown that jabbed people have dominated COVID hospitalizations and deaths across the world in recent months.

Bourla also revealed that his company is working on producing additional vaccines that specifically protect against the mild “omicron variant” and unlike the current product, will provide protection from the virus for “over a year.” 

Immediately after Bourla’s statements were reported in the media, doctors and other public figures took to social media to mock the CEO and question his true motivation for pushing a fourth dose.  

“Necessary for what?” asked Dr. Eli David, adding an emoji of a smiley face with dollar signs in its eyes to indicate Bourla is pushing a fourth shot to earn more money, and not because he is concerned about the health of the public.

“Soon quarterly boosters will be necessary… not so much for prevention of COVID but to boost Pfizer’s quarterly earnings,” added Donald Trump Jr.  

“Let’s make a deal: Since there’s no emergency, drop the EUA on your product, assume liability when someone gets injured or dies because of your product (after all, you care so much about the well-being of others), and let the fourth dose roll,” chimed in a third person, American author Garret Kramer.

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