“Illuminati Mad”: The Dark Meaning of Kanye West’s Video “EAZY”


from Vigilant Citizen:

In his video “EAZY”, Kanye West says “Illuminati mad” while he kidnaps and buries Pete Davidson. What is the meaning of this? We’ll look at the dark symbolism in Kanye’s controversial video.

Kanye West did it again. He got a lot of people confused and riled up. In a creepy video centered around the theme of death, Kanye kidnaps and buries Pete Davidson. Also, there’s a church burning. What is the meaning of all this? Is Kanye West mentally unstable? Or is he a genius who’s ahead of his time?

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Some answers can be found in jeen-yuhs – a Netflix documentary about Kanye’s life and career which spans over 20 years. Mainly consisting of raw footage filmed by Coodie, a friend of Kanye who has been following him since the beginning of his career, jeen-yuhs provides a rare window into Kanye’s day-to-day reality. After watching all three episodes, one fact becomes obvious: Kanye’s mother was extremely important to him and her untimely death traumatized him.

Donda’s unexpected death in 2007 after undergoing plastic surgery marked a turning point in Kanye’s life. The documentary makes it obvious that Donda helped keep Kanye grounded and focused on Christian values. After her death, Kanye got tangled tightly in the occult elite’s sick industry, even ending up in the Kardashian’s bubbling cauldron.

For years, rumors have circulated about Donda being the blood sacrifice required by the elite for Kanye to reach the higher-ups of the music industry. In a 2015 interview with Q Magazine, Kanye was asked what he sacrificed for success. His answer: “My mom”. He added:

“If I had never moved to L.A. she’d be alive. I don’t want to go far into it because it will bring me to tears.”

In 2016, Kanye was handcuffed and forcibly hospitalized in “involuntary psychiatric commitment”. After months of recovery, characterized by memory loss and heavy medication, Kanye claimed that he had emerged from the “sunken place”. In short, everything about this episode reeked of Monarch programming, an offshoot of MKULTRA.

In short, Kanye has seen the dark side of the music industry. While he might be trying to break out of it, he is also deeply tainted by it.

eazy1 "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

Top: A screenshot from jeen-yuhs where Kanye hugs his mother on the front porch of their house. Bottom: A screenshot from the Donda listening party (2021) where industry creeps such as Marilyn Manson walk around a replica of Kanye’s childhood home.

The two pictures above the sad evolution of Kanye’s life. His mother’s love, warmth, and goodness were replaced by the industry’s hate, coldness, and evil.

Kanye’s video EAZY reflects this darkness.


Kanye West and The Game Eazy Cover Art "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

The cover art of EAZY: A skinned monkey on a blood-red background.

This upsetting picture was taken by fashion photographer Nick Knight in 1997. This is what he had to say about the picture:

These corpses of skinned animals had nothing of life left in them, not even the most tiny speck or hint of their former beauty, majesty and purpose. However, they were not inhabited by death in the way they had been by life. Once the life had gone, they were just bags of barely held together of flesh, bone and sinew. Nothing left, except their smell; they stank. They reeked. Every time, for years afterwards when I looked at the 10 by 8 transparencies, the stench came straight back to me as pungent as if each image was saturated with it. That, I concluded was death.

This is all rather messed up and disgusting. However, the picture perfectly fits with the main theme of the EAZY video: Death.

eazy2 e1646682755859 "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

The video begins with a church burning.

Considering the fact that Kanye has been outspoken about Christianity in the past years (he’s been literally conducting Sunday services), what does the burning church represent? Some lines in his verse express the fact that the sentiments in this song are rather un-Christian.

God Ye, wanna let God in?
But tonight, I guess I’ll let my pride win

eazy3 "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

The Game emerges from a casket and raps while sitting on it. Death is the central theme in the video.

Then, Kanye appears. Or maybe his alter-persona.

eazy4 "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

Kanye’s face is covered as he holds a severed head: MK symbolism referring to the suppression of the core persona and the activation of an alter persona.

In the past months, Kanye has been seen walking around in public with creepy masks and strange “punishment haircuts”. All of this strangeness points to mind control.

This creepy version of Kanye is really mad at Pete Davidson – the new boyfriend of Kim Kardashian.

eazy5 "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

Kanye kidnaps Pete Davidson and buries him up to his head.

Before going further, we need to look into the weird Pete Davidson drama.

Pete Davidson Drama

petedavidson "Illuminati Mad": The Dark Meaning of Kanye West's Video "EAZY"

Pete Davidson at the 2021 MET Gala – the event where occult elite pawns parade around in symbolic and often humiliating outfits. He is wearing women’s clothes to please his elite masters.

Pete Davidson is a strange presence in the entertainment industry. Throughout the years, he dated several famous women and most of them share the same profile: They’re all deep in the industry, often since a young age.

For instance, Davidson dated Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David – the creator of the hit shows Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Then, he famously dated Ariana Grande who is an ex-Disney child star turned industry pawn. Then, he dated Margaret Qualley, the daughter of famed actress Andie MacDowell. Then he went out with a very young Kaia Gerber – the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford. In short, Davidson is an “industry insider” who navigates from one high-profile relationship to another.

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