Canadian Provinces Pushing Digital IDs on Citizenry


    by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

    In another step towards establishing The World State, Canada is rapidly implementing the infrastructure to become a digital trailblazer for its increasingly surveilled and tiered society.

    Ontario (the most populous province holding 40% of the national citizenry) recently announced that it will be introducing a “Digital Identity Program” that alleges to provide a “convenient way to prove who you are that will make accessing online and in-person services simpler, safer and more secure.”

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    This “eID” verification system was already partially rolled out across Canada amidst the Covid hysteria of 2021.

    Government-run verification apps were given to bars, restaurants, event venues, and theatres to discern the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. It ultimately determined who was permitted to participate in Canadian society from September of 2021 until March of 2022.

    And now the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (headed by Premier Doug Ford) wants to make this a permanent fixture of Canadian life where the “show me your papers” mentality could easily become the norm.

    If fully implemented, a digital ID would mean the end of medical privacyprecarious citizenship, and a giant leap towards a communist-style social credit system.

    Digital ID Explained

    Digital identification is being touted by the provincial government as a means to provide electronic versions of “trusted government documents that provide better safety, more security, and stronger privacy than physical identification.”

    Drawing on the “safe and effective” language, they insist that it can be stored in smartphone wallet apps and will make accessing government services “easier”. Furthermore, they assert that it will not be held in a centralized government database, but rather, uniquely on your device alone.

    Except that every single piece of your digital ID will be authorized and issued by the government…predominantly for government usage. I’m sure they can fill in the blanks if they wanted to. Plus you can already renew and apply for government services online as it stands.

    But with a rollout date of October of 2022 (curiously syncing up with the next seasonal wave of coronavirus), it’s being wondered “why is this issue is being pushed now?” And yet again, Covid is being used as the pretext for this digital government intrusion into our lives.

    Covid QR Grooming

    As with everything else over the previous two years, Pandemic “safety” is the rationale (Even though these IDs expose you to significantly more risk from hackers or government abuse).

    The Ontario website claims that  has made it clear that online transactions can be convenient…and that contactless, in-person service options (such as tap-to-pay instead of [touching] a terminal), can help keep us safe.”

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