Biden: “Now Is A Time When Things Are Shifting. There’s Going To Be A New World Order Out There, And We’ve Got To Lead It.”


by Michael Snyder, End Of The American Dream:

Joe Biden just told the entire world that “a New World Order” is coming, and he insists that the U.S. needs to lead it.  I know how wild that sounds, but Biden really did just say this.  In fact, I am about to share video footage of him saying this with you.  Needless to say, Joe Biden fully understands that “a New World Order” is a loaded term.  For decades, prominent voices have been warning that the globalists intend to create “a New World Order” which will dominate the entire planet.  And for decades, the corporate media and other apologists for the globalists have insisted that it is just a “conspiracy theory”.


But now Joe Biden is openly telling us that “a New World Order” is on the way, and he is also admitting that he wants the United States to lead it

“Now is a time when things are shifting.  There’s going to be a New World Order out there, and we’ve got to lead it.”

Now that World War III has begun, I suppose that there is no point in hiding their intentions any longer.

But this is still pretty shocking.

Other members of the Biden administration have been letting the cat out of the bag as well.

Just last month, State Department spokesman Ned Price openly warned that Russia and China “also want a world order”…

China has given “tacit approval” for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest invasion of Ukraine, in the judgment of U.S. officials, as part of a joint effort to undermine the institutions that American and allied leaders established to minimize conflict in the decades following World War II.

“Russia and the PRC also want a world order,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said Wednesday. “But this is an order that is and would be profoundly illiberal. … It is an order that is, in many ways, destructive rather than additive.”

Isn’t that interesting?

The State Department is openly framing this conflict as Russia and China vs. the western nations, and that is the exact alignment of powers that I have been warning about for years.

The war in Ukraine has brought this great struggle for control of the world to the forefront.  You see, the truth is that Ukraine has been one of the New World Order’s pet projects.  In 2014, they were able to successfully overthrow the democratically-elected government of Ukraine and install a completely fresh pro-globalist government.  And since that time, the globalists have sunk their teeth deep into that deeply suffering nation of 44 million precious people and have been using it as a testing ground.

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